The Honor of the Mounted

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The Honor of the Mounted
Directed by Allan Dwan
Written by Arthur Rosson
Starring Murdock MacQuarrie
Pauline Bush
Lon Chaney
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Release dates
  • February 17, 1914 (1914-02-17)
Running time
30 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

The Honor of the Mounted is a 1914 American silent short drama film directed by Allan Dwan and featuring Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, and Lon Chaney.[1] The film is now considered lost.[2]


Production notes[edit]

The film was shot on location in Mount Lowe, California over a two-day period. Director Allan Dwan also shot Bloodhounds of the North (which also starred Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, and Lon Chaney) at the same time.[3] During filming, Lon Chaney and Arthur Rosson got lost in a canyon and were not located until the end of the day. The cast and crew were also stranded in their cabins for five days due to heavy rains. Dwan had the cast rehearse for an upcoming film, Richelieu, in an effort to save time.[4]


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