Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park

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Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park
Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park is located in Romania
Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park
Location of Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park in Romania
Country Romania
Location Târgu Cărbunești
Coordinates 44°57′30″N 23°30′23″E / 44.95833°N 23.50639°E / 44.95833; 23.50639Coordinates: 44°57′30″N 23°30′23″E / 44.95833°N 23.50639°E / 44.95833; 23.50639
Status Completed
Commission date 2013
Construction cost €35 million
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Power generation
Units operational 80,000
Nameplate capacity 20 MW
Annual output 28 GWh

Târgu Cărbunești Solar Park is a large thin-film photovoltaic (PV) power system, built on a 50 ha (120 acres) plot of land located in Târgu Cărbunești in Romania. The solar park has around 80,000 state-of-the-art thin film PV panels for a total nameplate capacity of 20-megawatts, and was finished in July 2013.[1] The solar park is expected to supply around 28 GWh of electricity per year enough to power some 31,000 average homes.[1]

The installation is located in the Gorj County in southern Romania in Târgu Cărbunești. The investment cost for the Slobozia solar park amounts to some Euro 35 million.[1]

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