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Téra is located in Niger
Location in Niger
Coordinates: 14°00′38″N 0°45′11″E / 14.01056°N 0.75306°E / 14.01056; 0.75306Coordinates: 14°00′38″N 0°45′11″E / 14.01056°N 0.75306°E / 14.01056; 0.75306
Country Flag of Niger.svg Niger
Region Tillabéri Region
Department Téra Department
Elevation 227 m (748 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 92,544

Téra is a city in the Tillabéri Region, Tera Department of Niger. It is situated 175 km north-west of the capital Niamey, close to the border with Burkina Faso. It is mainly inhabited by Songhai, Fulani, Gourmantche and Buzu ethnic groups. The majority of the population are farmers.


Every Thursday marks the market day at Tera. Animals, mainly cattle, goats, sheep and domestic birds are traded by farmers from all corners of the Department.