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Dr. T. V. Rao
Born14 March 1946
Andhra Pradesh, India
OccupationProfessor,management consultant, author, speaker

T.V. Rao was born on 14 March 1946, in Andhra Pradesh, India.

A new Human Resource Development system emerged in India in 1974 with Dr. T.V. Rao and Dr. Udai Pareek heading the movement. It was started as a "Review Exercise of the Performance Appraisal System" for Larsen & Toubro by the duo from the Indian Institutes of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) which resulted in the development of a new function - The Human Resources Development Function. Rao and Dr Udai Pareek were instrumental in setting up the HRD Department for L&T and making it the first company in this part of the world to have fully Dedicated HRD Department.

Rao is also the founder president of the National HRD Network and the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences (ISABS).[1] Rao had worked as a professor at the premier management institute of India - the IIM, Ahmedabad from 1973 - 1994.[2] After leaving the IIMA, he started working for the Academy of Human Resources Development which was set up with support from RMCEI of IIMA.[2] He worked as its Honorary Director for some time. As HRD started growing Larsen & Toubro instituted a HRD Chair Professorship at XLRI, Jamshedpur. Dr. T.V. Rao moved to XLRI as L&T Professor to set up the Centre for HRD. Rao has also contributed majorly in the field of competency mapping and defines competency mapping as the process of identification of the competencies required to perform successfully at a given point of time.

During the last few years, Rao has been popularizing the methodology of "Developing Leadership through Feedback by Known People" (DLFKP), which he developed in the mid 1980s at IIMA and worked on it along with Prof. P. N. Khandwalla, J.P. Singh and S. Ramnarayan.[2] This methodology is now termed by other specialists as 360 degree feedback methodology. To popularize this methodology as a development tool, he has started a 360 degree feedback club and has also conducted over 50 workshops in the last five years in India, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria and Egypt. Currently, he is developing HRD Auditors and Trainers of Development Centers and creating manuals for HRD Audit in an effort to make HRD Audit like ISO certification. The HR Score Card as known today was created by him much before it was published from the US.[2] Rao also worked a visiting faculty at IIM Ranchi recently.

Professional career[edit]

Rao is currently Chairman, of TVRLS, Ahmedabad. He was Professor at the Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad for over 20 years beginning 1973. While at IIMA he was Chairman of the Post Graduate Program, Fellow Program, Public Systems Group, Ravi Matthai Center and also coordinated the PGP review. He left in 1994 to serve as Honorary Director of the Academy of Human Resources Development. He set up TVRLS in 1996, two years after he left IIMA.

He was a Visiting Professor since then and Adjunct Professor at IIMA since 2006 and until 2014. Currently on the Board of IIMA. Rao has also worked as L&T Professor of HRD at XLRI, Jamshedpur during 1983-85. Rao is the Founder and First President of the National HRD Network, and the First Honorary Director of the Academy of HRD,India. He was also President of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science(ISABS). He worked with David McClelland of Harvard University(the initiator of the competency movement) and had joint research projects with him in seventies. Rao was a Visiting Faculty at the Indian Business School,Hyderabad and as HRD Advisor to the Reserve Bank of India. Dr Rao assisted the Administrative Reforms Commission in reviewing the personnel management practices for civil services, and also served as member of the HRM Review Committee of Nationalised Banks set up by the Ministry of Finance in 2009-2010.

Rao’s consulting work is in the areas of designing and managing HRD systems of various corporations in India and other Asian countries. He assisted a number of Organizations on various HR themes. Dr.Rao’s consulting experience includes agencies like the USAID, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNICEF,FAO, Commonwealth Secretariat, London; World Bank, Action Aid, Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, ICOMP etc. and various corporations like Alexandria Carbon Black, Gulfar, CHR Oman, Commercial Bank, Kewalram Chanrai Group,Indorama Synthetics, Thai Carbon Black, etc. and covers countries including the USA, Mexico, UK, Netherlands,Egypt, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand, Philippines, Gulf countries, South Africa etc.

Rao and Dr. Udai Pareek are credited to have established the first dedicated department of Human Resources Development at L&T in mid seventies much before HRD was known and made it popular. Dr.Rao has been working on HRD field for the last forty years. Rao is the first to start in India Leadership Development methodology in mid-eighties using what is later termed in the USA as 360 Degree Feedback. Rao’s HRD audit methodology is first of its kind across the world and he started it and created a HRD Score card abed on the same. Rao has authored or coauthored or edited over 60 books dealing with HRD, Education Management, Health and Population Management, Entrepreneurship Development among others.