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Taichung Line (Mountain Line)
TRA Taiwan Trunk Line (mountain).svg
Native name 臺中線 (山線)
Type Heavy rail
Termini Zhunan
Changhua, Zhuifen (branch)
Stations 17 (16 on main, 1 on branch)
Opened 20 February 1908
Owner Taiwan Railways Administration
Operator(s) Taiwan Railways Administration
Line length 85.5 km (53.1 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Electrification 25 kV/60 Hz Catenary
Operating speed 150 km/h (93 mph)
Departures board at the Taichung Train station on the Taichung (Mountain) Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration.

The Taichung Line (Chinese: 臺中線 or 台中線; pinyin: Táizhōng Xiàn), also known as the Mountain Line (Chinese: 山線; pinyin: Shān Xiàn), is a line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It is It has a total length of 85.5 km, of which all but 2.2 km (the Chengzhui Line from Chenggong to Zhuifen) is double track.[1]


The Taichung Line was completed in 1908. After the Coast Line between Zhunan and Changhua was finished in 1922, the original line was called Taichung Line. In 1998, the construction to expand to two tracks (double tracks) was completed. Long tunnels were built to reduce the grade of the line. Sanyi Tunnel is one of the longest railway tunnels in Taiwan. The opening of the new segment of the line relegated the previous segment of the line to become the Old Mountain Line.

Currently, the Railway Reconstruction Bureau is transforming the section of the line from Fengyuan to Daqing into an elevated line. Slated for completion in 2017, the project will replace Fengyuan, Tanzi, Taiyuan, Taichung, and Daqing Stations with new, elevated stations, and create the new stations Fengnan, Toujiacuo, Songzhu, Jingwu, and Wuquan.[2]


Taichung Line
km Station
(Up arrow Taiwan Railways AdministrationWest Coast)
125.4 Zhunan
(Left arrow Taiwan Railways AdministrationWest Coast)
130.7 Zaoqiao
137.4 Fengfu
140.6 Miaoli
147.2 Nanshi
151.4 Tongluo
158.8 Sanyi
169.7 Tai'an
172.3 Houli
179.1 Fengyuan
184.1 Tanzi
189.2 Taiyuan
193.3 Taichung
197.5 Daqing
200.5 Wuri
(Left arrow Taiwan High Speed Rail Right arrow)
201.3 Xinwuri
203.8 Chenggong
(Up arrow Taiwan Railways AdministrationWest Coast)
210.9 Changhua
(Down arrow Taiwan Railways AdministrationWest Coast)

Distances shown are from Keelung via West Coast Line.

Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Official Other Chinese
Zhunan Jhunan 竹南 Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast Line Zhunan Miaoli
Zaoqiao Zaociao 造橋 Zaoqiao
Fengfu Fongfu 豐富 AB-Kreuz.svg Taiwan High Speed Rail Miaoli Houlong
Miaoli 苗栗 Miaoli
Nanshi Nanshih 南勢
Tongluo 銅鑼 Tongluo
Sanyi 三義 Taiwan Railways Administration Old Mountain Line (limited services) Sanyi
Tai'an Tai-an 泰安 Houli Taichung
Houli 后里
Fengyuan Fongyuan 豐原 Fengyuan
Lilin n/a 栗林 Tanzi
Tanzi Tanzih 潭子
Toujiacuo n/a 頭家厝
Songzhu n/a 松竹 Beitun
Taiyuan 太原
Jingwu n/a 精武 East
Taichung 臺中 Central
Wuquan n/a 五權 South
Daqing Dacing 大慶 AB-Kreuz.svgTaichung Metro  G : G13 Daqing (u/c)
Wuri Wurih 烏日 AB-Kreuz.svgTaichung Metro  G : G16 Wuri (u/c) Wuri
Xinwuri New Wurih 新烏日 AB-Kreuz.svg Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung
AB-Kreuz.svgTaichung Metro: G17 Xinwuri (u/c)
Chenggong 成功
Zhuifen Jhueifen 追分 Via branch line
Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast Line
Changhua 彰化 Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast Line Changhua Changhua



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