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Assistance would be appreciated.[edit]

BGWhite, it has come to our attention that you've reverted a few attempts at updating the Acid Test band page. Polybandrous and I are part of Acid Test and we are trying to update the wiki with current information that we've crafted to better inform individuals of our status, as well as add more detailed information.

That said, we're new to dealing with Wikipedia, so we're doing our best to update things properly. That said, we might not always be on the money the first time around. However, instead of you reverting the changes that we spend time doing, your assistance might be more helpful in bringing the article up to date. It's quite frustrating to have you undo a lot of the work we put into this effort.

Can we agree to have you assist us (or leave us to update the page in due course) rather than revert things again?

If we are doing things incorrectly, then we welcome your input on how to fix it, but please do not continue to revert to the older draft of the page.


Acid Test

Neuroweaver (talk) 15:39, 16 August 2016 (UTC)

Neuroweaver Thank you for writing. First off, you have a conflict of interest (COI). It is strongly discouraged to edit articles in which you have a COI. Second, you are removing the infobox at the start of the article. Please keep it, but you can edit the material inside it. Third, and this is the big one, you are not adding references to your additions. Reliable, independent references are needed to back up what was written. This means, no references that come from your group (except for birth dates, where you lives, more personal info) or from forums, blogs, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. A blog or Wikipedia are written by some person in which they can say anything. A blog from a newspaper comes from a known entity that usually have editorial oversight, thus can be used. What is written has to be verifiable. You know Atom Percy hates hockey, loves American Budweiser beer and loves Justin Bieber. While these are true, it needs to be referenced before it can be added to the article. Bgwhite (talk) 20:48, 16 August 2016 (UTC)
Bgwhite Thanks for your response. Although we do understand your concerns over COI, the information we want to add is not marketing related (that would be inappropriate here), but purely factual (and verifiable). We understand and respect the need for factual information on Wikipedia. There are some items already cited on the page that would verify a great deal of what we would like to add in greater detail.
A few questions you might be able to assist with: What is considered a 'reliable' source? That part of your message was a bit ambiguous. Can you give examples? Obviously blogs, Facebook, etc. is not viable. But what is? Also, is there any way that physical media can be uploaded? As much of the band's activity happened pre/early web, there is limited information online. There are, however, plenty of newspaper articles, magazine articles, etc. Is physical media like this viable? Obviously, it would have to be scanned and uploaded – would that be within the article itself or from the band's website? Is that workable? These would normally be considered reputable sources, but there seems to be different rules here on Wikipedia.
We want to do this correctly, so any input would be helpful.
Neuroweaver (talk) 23:57, 16 August 2016 (UTC)
Neuroweaver A short answer on what is a reliable source... if there is some sort of editorial control. Book authors have editors. Scientific books and journals have multiple people reviewing. Newspapers and news blogs have editors. If the people writing the material happens to be the people in charge, say Wikipedia, then it's not reliable. The long answer is at WP:RELIABLE.
Unfortunately, most of what you want to upload is copyrighted. Almost anything after 1927 is copyrighted. Mickey Mouse came out in 1928, guess who has led the charge for longer copyrights? For newspaper articles, you can get lucky via Google's newspaper archive or the newspaper itself might have an archive that goes back. Where I live, there are two newspapers. One has their newspaper back to the 1850s online. The other only goes back 6 months and If you want to go further, you have to pay. Guess which one is owned by a corporate overlord? Many people on Wikipedia have access to commercial archives. You can put your request at WP:RX. They can give you the link (to put into a citation in the article) and give you a copy.
If you have photos you want to upload, you can do that at the Commons Upload site. There are a tonne of copyrighted photos of bands uploaded and then deleted. You may want to confirm the photos are yours. Goto Wikipedia:OTRS noticeboard, scroll down to "Confirmation of copyright permission" and follow the instructions. You can also ask questions at the same page. Bgwhite (talk) 00:55, 17 August 2016 (UTC)