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MCI no longer exists as a company, should these references be changed to Verizon now? Androsyn (talk) 16:40, 12 May 2017 (UTC)


Can anyone say where the content of this page came from? It was all put here in one edit, with a low link density, which is usually a sign of copyright violation. Derrick Coetzee 18:05, 21 Aug 2004 (UTC)

  • It looks like much (if not all) of it is from old phone phreaking resources on BBSs from the late 1980s and early 1990s. I really don't think anybody is compiling this stuff anymore. - 16:55, 4 September 2005 (UTC)
People are still making lists of this sort of stuff. See Phreaks and Geeks. Timsheridan 18:56, 25 November 2005 (UTC)
Don't worry, eyes are watching the list, and stuff has been added and removed. This list is practically public knowledge anyway. --Nmatavka (talk) 07:21, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

These numbers are not entirely private and are used by many telephony service personnel today which means most of the numbers are still current. I suggest that the removal of the list was in haste, as it's not clear that any copyright has been violated. Although these numbers are not published in local directories, they are freely available if requested from local interconnect and central offices.

I decided to bring the directory back, since there was no consensus to remove it in the 1st place. The above comment is right---I feel that removing the numbers may be counter-productive. I have, however, removed a few numbers that do not work, and I have added a few that I have discovered myself. --Nmatavka (talk) 05:33, 26 May 2010 (UTC)
Eyes are not watching this rubbish list. The domain is parked at GoDaddy, so proves nothing. There are numbers still listed which were marked as dead by editors here as far back as 2012, right in the article body, and never removed. Some have been assigned to other purposes years ago; for instance "in area NPA, just dial 999 and it tells you your own number" fails if 1-NPA-999-XXXX has been a regular exchange prefix for years. (Oh, and don't try that in England...) Similarly, using anything N-1-1 is broken in communities where those prefixes all point to their standard locations (2-1-1 community info, 3-1-1 city hall, 4-1-1 directory info, 5-1-1 road conditions, 6-1-1 repair or business office, 7-1-1 TDD operator, 8-1-1 telehealth/teletriage or cable location, 9-1-1 distress). This is a joke. Furthermore, these are usually provider-specific (so a wireless provider or a CLEC might use different numbers, or not support this at all) with no provider specified. If the number was for the incumbent landline carrier only, say so, if it was reassigned years ago, remove it.
This whole mess fails WP:RS, claiming "some phone phreak put this on a list in 1980" is not a valid source to affirm the number works now. We can say that 958 and 1-NPA-959 contain test numbers as marks these 'UA' (unassignable) in their CO code list for that area code; the same might be true if there's some other clear 'UA' flag that can't be attributed to something else (such as other adjacent or in-state area codes, N-1-1 or premium numbers). Listing these after making a test call is questionable (WP:OR seems to prohibit it, but at least it would be a working number) but info with no cited source and most likely wrong is worthless. If there's no NANPA (or CNAC, in Canada) reservation on the prefix, and what's there isn't a regular line which can be verified to be announcing ANAC or CID, get these off the list. Better yet, delete the entire list of local-only test numbers as unverifiable; it falls so far short of the accuracy standards here that I wouldn't even offer it to Uncyclopedia. K7L (talk) 17:59, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Wikipedia is not a directory[edit]

Wikipedia is not a list of phone numbers. This page is for explaining what an ANAC is, not listing every ANAC in the known world. FCYTravis 04:24, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Yes, but put it to a vote/consensus before removing the list next time. --Nmatavka (talk) 05:33, 26 May 2010 (UTC)
Does this list meet the standards applied to any other Wikipedia content? If this were a list of blonde jokes or light bulb jokes, instead of a list of test numbers that (mostly) no longer work, at this level of usability, it would've been removed in a NY minute. K7L (talk) 18:30, 2 January 2015 (UTC)

This page should have at least one number listed that announces your number[edit]

I know there are several numbers that can be used to get your phone number played back to you, and that was the reason why I came here to this article, and the article does not have a number listed that you can call.

One such number that works is 1-800-444-4444.

It doesn't work anymore. Try 1-800-437-7950. --Nmatavka (talk) 05:33, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

This page should list this number on it as a reference for people who need to see what number a phone they have is. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 03:59, 26 March 2008 (UTC)

I tried 1-800-444-4444; from it just gives "number not available from your calling area". If there were issues with it not working as far back as 2010, why is it (and a stack of similar MCI CSR numbers) still on the list? I'm also unsure why we're listing "XYZ Bank, Fraud department" in various forms when these were never intended for ANAC use. K7L (talk) 18:46, 2 January 2015 (UTC)

link broken[edit]

The link at the bottom is broken —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:21, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

giant list[edit]

instead of a giant list, it woudl be much easier to read if this was in tabular format. --RichardMills65 (talk) 17:59, 31 March 2012 (UTC)


These have been removed from the article as the prefixes have been assigned for other purposes, such as N-1-1 or regular exchanges:

Deprecated Canadian test numbers
  • N11 codes:
    • 211 (604 BC)
    • 311 (403, formerly Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory) and 311 (905, Ontario -Rogers, Telnet Communications)
  • Former 320-xxxx test codes in Bell Canada territory, now reassigned to standard exchanges:
    • 320-1112 (819 Quebec)
    • 320-1180 (450 514 and 819, most of the province of Quebec)
    • 320-4567 (705 North Bay/Sault Ste. Marie)
    • 320-5123 or 320-9123 (613 Kingston)
  • Vertical service codes (individual features activation within an exchange):
    • 306: 115 Saskatchewan (likely deprecated, conflicts with use of 1157 or *57 to actuate Call Trace service for unwanted calls [1])
  • Other former test codes now listed as standard local exchanges:
    • 403: 908-222-2222 Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory (403-908 is now a Distributel exchange in High River[1])
    • 403: 999 Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory (403-999 is now a Calgary Telus mobile exchange)

Deprecated US test numbers
  • 206: 411 WA (Not US West) (likely deprecated as 4-1-1 is directory info in most of WA[2])
  • 210: 951 Brownsville/Laredo/San Antonio, TX (GTE) (deprecated, 951 is available for reassignment as of 2012.)
  • 214: 570 Dallas, TX (deprecated, now a standard exchange)
  • 214: 790 Dallas, TX (GTE) (deprecated, now a standard exchange)
  • 215: 511 Philadelphia, PA was deprecated by state-wide use of 511 as road info in 2009; PA is the 36th state to adopt the system.[3]
  • 216: 331 Akron/Canton/Cleveland/Lorain/Youngstown, OH (deprecated, 331 is available for assignment as a new CO code as of 2012.)
  • 219: 550 Gary/Hammond/Michigan City/Southbend, IN (deprecated, 550 is available for reassignment as of 2012.)
  • 219: 559 Gary/Hammond/Michigan City/Southbend, IN (deprecated, 559 is available for reassignment as of 2012.)
  • 270: 559 AT&T, Fishskill NY. (Invalid. 270-559 is an exchange in Paducah KY; 270 is *not* NYS)
  • 301: 200-200-6969 Hagerstown/Rockville, MD (deprecated, 301-200 is now an exchange in Indian Head MD)
  • 305: 200-200-200-200-200 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL (deprecated, 305-200 is an exchange in Miami)
  • 305: 200-555-1212 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL (deprecated, 305-200 is an exchange in Miami)
  • 305: 780-2411 Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/Miami, FL (invalid, 305-780 available for assignment in 2014)
  • 312: 290 Chicago, IL (deprecated, 312-290 is a wireless exchange in Chicago, Zone 1)
  • 315: 953 Syracuse/Utica, NY (deprecated, 953 is an exchange in Vernon NY)
  • 317: 310-222-2222 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN (deprecated, 317-310 is an exchange in Indianapolis)
  • 317: 559-222-2222 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN (deprecated, 317-559 is an exchange in Indianapolis)
  • 317: 743-1218 Indianapolis/Kokomo, IN (invalid, 317-743 has been made available for assignment in 2014)
  • 337: 350 Lafayette Main, LA (deprecated, 337-350 is an exchange in Centerville LA)
  • 337: 370 New Iberia, LA (deprecated, 337-370 is an exchange in Jennings LA)
  • 337: 720 Lafayette Vermillion, LA (invalid, 337-720 is available for assignment as an exchange in 2014)
  • 352: 200-2002 Gainesville, FL (deprecated, 352-200 is now a Weekiwachee Springs mobile exchange)
  • 401: 200-200-4444 RI (deprecated, 401-200 is an exchange in Bristol RI)
  • 404: 311 Atlanta, GA (deprecated, reassigned to City Hall in 2012)[4]
  • 404: 990 Atlanta, GA (deprecated, 404-990 is a mobile exchange in Atlanta)
  • 405: 890-7777777 Enid/Oklahoma City, OK (invalid, 405-890 is available for assignment as an exchange in 2014)
  • 405: 897 Enid/Oklahoma City, OK (invalid, 405-890 and 405-897 are available for assignment as exchanges in 2014)
  • 407: 200-222-2222 Orlando/West Palm Beach, FL (Bell South) (deprecated, 407-200 is an exchange in Winter Park FL)
  • 407: 520-3111 Orlando/West Palm Beach, FL (United) (invalid, 407-520 is an exchange in Kissimmee FL)
  • 409: 951 Beaumont/Galveston, TX (deprecated, 409-951 is an exchange in Beaumont TX)
  • 410: 200-200-6969 Annapolis/Baltimore, MD (deprecated, 410-200 is an exchange in Easton MD)
  • 410: 200-555-1212 Annapolis/Baltimore, MD (deprecated, 410-200 is an exchange in Easton MD)
  • 412: 211 Pittsburgh, PA (DTMF Response) (deprecated, now PA 2-1-1 Southwest, community info)
  • 412: 975 Pittsburgh, PA (invalid, 412-975 is available for assignment as an exchange in 2014)
  • 413: 200-555-5555 Pittsfield/Springfield, MA (deprecated, 413-200 is an exchange in Cummington MA)
  • 414: 330-2234 Fond du Lac/Green Bay/Milwaukee/Racine, WI (likely invalid, 414-330 is a Milwaukee mobile exchange)
  • 423: 200-200-200 Chattanooga, Johnson City, Knoxville, TN (deprecated, 423-200 is an exchange in Morristown TN)
  • 478: 3336 Metter, GA. (PINELAND TELEPHONE) (deprecated, 478-333 is now a Centerville (Houston) exchange)
  • 478: 990 Dublin, GA. (BELLSOUTH & AT&T) (invalid, 478-990 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 502: 200-222-2222 Frankfort/Louisville/Paducah/Shelbyville, KY (invalid, 502-200 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 502: 997-555-1212 Frankfort/Louisville/Paducah/Shelbyville, KY (invalid, 502-997 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 503: 999 Portland, OR (GTE) (deprecated, 503-999 is an exchange in Salem OR)
  • 504: 201-269-1111 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA (deprecated, 504-201 is an exchange in Kenner LA, 1-201 is NJ)
  • 504: 997-1111 New Orleans/Metairie/Kenner/River Ridge, LA (Bell South) <Verified 02/04/2006> (deprecated, available for assignment in 2014)
  • 504: 998-82233 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA (deprecated, available for assignment in 2014)
  • 504: 998 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA (deprecated, available for assignment in 2014)
  • 504: 99851-0000000000 Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA (deprecated, available for assignment in 2014)
  • 509: 560 Spokane/Walla Walla/Yakima, WA (deprecated, 509-560 is an exchange in Oroville WA)
  • 515: 5463 Des Moines, IA (deprecated, 515-546 is an exchange in Clare IA)
  • 516: 968 Hempstead/Long Island, NY (invalid, available for assignment as exchange in 2014)
  • 517: 200-222-2222 Bay City/Jackson/Lansing, MI (deprecated, 517-200 is an exchange in Litchfield MI)
  • 517: 200200200200200 Bay City/Jackson/Lansing, MI (deprecated, 517-200 is an exchange in Litchfield MI)
  • 518: 511 Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY (deprecated, 5-1-1#New York is statewide highway info)
  • 540: 211 Roanoke, VA (GTE) (deprecated, now community info)[5]
  • 541: 200 Bend, OR (deprecated, 541-200 is an exchange in Medford OR)
  • 603: 200-222-2222 New Hampshire (NH) (deprecated, 603-200 is an exchange in Newmarket NH)
  • 606: 711 Ashland/Winchester, KY (deprecated, 7-1-1 is
  • 606: 997-555-1212 Ashland/Winchester, KY (invalid, 606-997 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 615: 200-200-200-200-200 Chattanooga/Knoxville/Nashville, TN (deprecated, 615-200 is a Nashville exchange)
  • 615: 200-222-2222 Chattanooga/Knoxville/Nashville, TN (deprecated, 615-200 is a Nashville exchange)
  • 615: 830 Nashville, TN (deprecated, 615-830 is a standard exchange in Nashville TN)
  • 616: 200-222-2222 Battle Creek/Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI (deprecated, 616-200 is a Trufant MI exchange)
  • 659: 220-2622 Newmarket, NH (invalid, there is no area code 659)
  • 682: 970-1234 Ft. Worth, TX (AT&T / SBC) (invalid, 682-970 is a Cleburne TX exchange)
  • 703: 211 VA (deprecated, now community info)[6]
  • 703: 511-3636 Culpeper/Orange/Fredericksburg, VA (deprecated, see 5-1-1#Virginia)
  • 707: 211-2222 Eureka, CA (deprecated, now 2-1-1 Humboldt County community info)[7]
  • 708: 200-6153 Chicago/Elgin, IL (deprecated, 708-200 is an exchange in La Grange IL)
  • 712: 580-9999 Council Bluffs, IA (invalid, this is Spencer IA's municipal telco in another LATA)
  • 713: 380 Houston, TX (deprecated, 713-380 is a Houston CLEC exchange)
  • 713: 380-5555-5555 Houston, TX (deprecated, 713-380 is a Houston CLEC exchange)
  • 716: 511 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY (deprecated, 5-1-1 is NY highway info statewide)
  • 716: 990 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY (deprecated, 716-990 is a Leap Wireless exchange in Niagara Falls)
  • 717: 711 Coaldale/Lansford/Summit Hill, PA (Alltel) (deprecated, 7-1-1 is PA Relay service.)
  • 770: 780-2311 Atlanta/Marietta/Norcross, GA (is not active 5/2013) (is a Monroe GA exchange, 12/2014)
  • 781: 511 Dedham, MA (RCN Phone Service) (deprecated, is road info)
  • 802: 200-1111 Vermont (deprecated, 802-200 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 802: 200-222-2222 Vermont (deprecated, 802-200 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 802: 222-2222-2222 Vermont (deprecated, 802-222 is a Fairpoint exchange in Bradford VT)
  • 804: 990 Virginia Beach/Richmond, VA (invalid, 804-990 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 812: 410-555-1212 Evansville, IN (deprecated, 812-410 is an exchange in Greensburg IN)
  • 813: 311 St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL (deprecated, see Tampa on 3-1-1#United States)
  • 815: 270-3374 Crystal Lake, IL (deprecated, 815-270 is an exchange in Roscoe IL)
  • 815: 770-3374 Crystal Lake, IL (deprecated, 815-770 is an exchange in Harvard IL)
  • 815: 290 La Salle/Rockford, IL (deprecated, 815-290 is an exchange in Minooka IL)
  • 817: 211 Ft. Worth/Waco, TX (deprecated, now
  • 845: 990 Hudson Valley Region, NY (invalid, 845-990 is available for assignment to an exchange in 2014)
  • 880: 739 Verizon, Yuka Flats Wa. (invalid area code, 880 is reserved for tollfree expansion)
  • 903: 970-611-1111 Tyler, TX (invalid, 903-970 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 904: 200-222-222 Jackonsville/Pensacola/Tallahassee, FL (deprecated, 904-200 is Verizon Wireless Jacksonville)
  • 912: 940 Vidalia, GA. (BELLSOUTH & AT&T) (invalid, 912-940 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 916: 461 Sacramento, CA (Roseville Telephone) (invalid, 916-461 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 919: 200 Durham, NC (deprecated, 919-200 is an exchange in Siler City, NC)
  • 919: 711 Durham, NC (deprecated, now
  • 928: 666-1111 Northern Arizona (invalid, 928-666 is available for assignment in 2014)
  • 954: 200-555-1212 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (invalid, 954-200 is a Metro PCS exchange in Fort Lauderdale)
  • 954: 200-200-200-200-200 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (invalid, 954-200 is a Metro PCS exchange in Fort Lauderdale)
  • 954: 780-2411 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (invalid, 954-780 is an exchange in Coral Spring FL)
  • 972: 970-1234 Plano, TX (AT&T / SBC) (invalid, 972-970 is a Metrotel exchange in Irving TX)
  • 985: 998-222-2222 Houma, LA (invalid, 985-998 is available for assignment in 2014)

Unlisted ANAC[edit]

In one example of this concern, most payphones in the United States are assigned a telephone number and can ring if the number is called. The phone can then be used to make and receive calls by anyone, making it a potential tool in anonymous criminal activity such as narcotics trafficking.

Disputed: So what? Calling any number with caller ID would reveal the info. If they don't want incoming calls to a coin phone, they would disable incoming calls outright or remove the bell. If the ANAC number is unlisted, it's to stop the public from tying up the ANAC machine when telco installers need or want to use it. K7L (talk) 17:35, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

United Kingdom[edit]

Should we remove 020 81 803 803? It goes to the exact same place as 08081707788 and since 080 numbers became free to call from mobiles serves no practical purpose. David Ramsbotham (talk) 20:54, 29 July 2015 (UTC)