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question about how it got popular: i've always thought that it's Gina that made Blythe popular by photoshooting them... :/ could i be wrong ? Mint greentea 08:05, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

takara/cwc bias[edit]

I think that the article is really written with the bias on CWC/Takara blythes, assuming that they're THE blythe dolls when they're simply new versions. For example, under Bodies, "The bodies of blythes varies depending on the time of the release. Earlier releases uses the BL body, which has some disadvantages. For example, the legs do not bend as well as the later releases." Nowhere it is said that this is for CWC/Takara Blythes only. People not knowing about Blythes at all could think that the earlier releases would mean the 1972 Kenner blythes. /Helena (not registered, I am not good enough at editing wiki, as well as English language being my 3rd language. (but I wanted to bring up this so you could edit the entry) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 12:07, 1 February 2007 (UTC).

Blythe style dolls return 2007[edit]

Beauty Cuties, right down the the changing eyes!! by Mattel unicogirl

Biased Punctuation[edit]

First of all, the intro is longer than the rest of the article. Also, I noticed this: "One panelist asked if she could take a doll home!" Exclamation points? Really? 22:19, 9 September 2007 (UTC)


"She" is an "it." It's creepy that the authors of this article use the former. (Momus 01:31, 14 November 2007 (UTC))

What are you crazy? The doll is modelled after the female image. Barbie was never an "it"! (talk) 02:58, 28 December 2008 (UTC)


This sounds like it could be an interesting article... But where are the details? How do the eyes change colour? Why do people saw open their heads? What makes these dolls 'special' to collectors? This is just a fact dump at the moment; needs a lot more clarity and information to make it more interesting (talk) 08:18, 18 December 2007 (UTC)


The measurements of Blythe: 4.17-2.76-3.89 (in inches) or 106-70-99 (in mm). The measurements of Petit Blythe: 1.77-1.18-16.5 (in inches) or 45-30-42 (in mm).

This is incorrect. The full-sized Blythe is considerably taller than 4 inches, and the petite Blythe is considerably taller than two inches. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:31, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

biased towards Takara/CWC[edit]

It is incorrect to say "There are two types of Blythe dolls: the 28cm (1/6th scale) "NEO" and the 11.2 cm "Petit Blythe." Only NEO Blythes have colour-changing eyes...". The next paragraph says "A smaller Kubrick version of Blythe also exists." So obviously there are three types of Blythe doll. But when you read closer, there are actually more types of Blythe doll because there is the Kenner and Ashton Drake Galleries versions as well.

There is no mention of the different brands they were produced as in 1972, Kenner, Tomy Ai-Ai, or Toltoys.

Anyway, I was hoping to find an explanation of the different Ashton Drake models and the history behind the ADG line. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Starfish73 (talkcontribs) 01:25, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

Moved from the article[edit]

Since a lot of the material does seem to be confirmed by the official site, I removed the unreferenced tag and replaced it with primarysources tag.

I attempted to summarize this long list of releases, most of which seems to be available on the official site linked in external links. For now I moved this to the talk page in case it's useful for someone else to make a better summary.

The above comments seem very contradictory - if it's not on the official site is can't be referenced, but then if it IS on the official site it's not worth putting her, just link to the official site..?! (talk) 02:57, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Sorry, I was unclear. The two comments refer to different things. The first one to a tag that was in the article tagging it as lacking any sources whatsoever. The second comment refers to the long list below. Siawase (talk) 03:18, 28 December 2008 (UTC)
Hiding long lists, preserving for reference

Neo Takara Blythe releases[edit]

All Takara Blythes (neo size) released until now:

1) BL-0 Parco Limited (Parco) - June 2001

2) BL-1 Mondrian (YSL) - June 2001

3) BL-2 Hollywood (HW) - October 2001

4) BL-3 Rosie Red (RR) - October 2001

5) BL-4 All Gold In One (Goldie) - January 2002

6) BL-5 Kozy Kape Inspired (Kozy) - January 2002

7) BL-6 Aztec Arrival Inspired (Aztec) - February 2002

8) BL-7 Sunday Best (SB) - April 2002

9) TRU-EX1 Dottie Dot (DD) - April 2002

10) BA-1 Miss Anniversary Limited (Miss A) - June 2002

11) EBL-1 Bohemian Beat (BB) - July 2002

12) EBL-2 Asian Butterfly (AB) - September 2002

13) EBL-3 Piccadilly Dolly Limited (Picca) - September 2002

14) EBL-4 Skate Date (SD) - November 2002

15) EBL-5 Rouge Noir (RN) - 31st December 2002

16) EBL-6 Excellent Hollywood (HW) - March 2003

17) TRU-EX2 Cherry Berry (CB) - 28th February 2003

18) EBL-7 Cinnamon Girl (CG) - 28th February 2003

19) EBL-8 Tea for Two (T42) - 31st March 2003

20) EBL-9 Disco Boogie (DB) - April 2003

21) EBL-10 Love Mission (LM) - July 2003

22) EBL-11 Bohemian Beats Again (BBA) - March 2003

23) Courtney Tez by Nike 2nd Anniversary Limited (Nike) - June 2003

24) TRU-EX3 Fancy Pansy (FP) - 19th July 2003

25) EBL-12 Fruit Punch (FP) - September 2003

26) TRU-EX4 Very Cherry Berry (VCB) - October 2003

27) SBL-1 Superior Skate Date (SSD) - December 2003

28) SBL-2 Pow Wow Poncho Inspired (PWP) - December 2003

29) ROK-EX Velvet Minuet (VM) - January 2004

30) SBL-3 Silver Snow (SS) - February 2004

31) SBL-4 I Love You It's True (ILYIT) - March 2004

32) SBL-5 Sunday Very Best (SVB) - March 2004

33) OTS-EX Over the Stripes (OTS) - April 2004

34) SBL-6 Lounging Lovely (LL) - June 2004

35) SBL-7 French Trench (FT) - June 2004

36) Art Attack 3rd Anniversary Limited (AA) - June 2004

37) MCC-EX Paradis by Mono Comme Ca (MCC) - July 2004

38) TRU-EX6 Birdie Blue (BB) - August 2004

39) SBL-8 Mademoiselle Rose Bud (MRB) - August 2004

40) EBL-13 Samedi Marche (SM) - September 2004

41) SBL-9 Groovy Groove (GG) - October 2004

42) Mitten-EX Mitten by Blythe (Mitten) - November 2004

43) MLK-EX Lil' Heart Blythe by Milk (Milk) - December 2004

44) TRU-EX7 Tweedly Do (TD) - February 2005

45) SBL-10 Inspired by Pinafore Purple (PP) - February 2005

46) MMC-EX Margaret Meets Ladybug (MML) - March 2005

47) SBL-11 V-Smash (VS) - March 2005

48) SBL-12 Candy Carnival (CC) - May 2005

49) ROXY-EX - Roxy Baby by Quiksilver (Rozy) - July 2005

50) SBL- Good Neighbor Cafe (GNC) - August 2005

51) SBL- Cinema Princess 4th Anniversary Limited (CP) - June 2005

52) Tommy-EX - Tommy February 6 Blythe (TF6) - October 2005

53) SBL- Asian Butterfly Encore (ABe) - October 2005

54) SBL- Samedi Marche Encore (SMe) - October 2005

55) SBL- Narumiya-EX - Rendezvous Chou Chou (RCC) - December 2005

56) SBL- White Magic Morning (WMM) - January 2006

57) SBL- White Magic Afternoon (WMA) - January 2006

58) SBL- White Magic Night (WMN) - January 2006

59) SBL- Merry Skier (MS) - 24th January 2006

60) TRU-EX8 Cute and Curious (CuCu) - February 2006

61) SBL- Blackberry Bush (BBB) - March 2006

62) SBL- Tea for Two Encore (T42e) - April 2006

63) SBL- Rosie Red Encore (RRe) - May 2006

64) SBL- Strawberry Millefeuille (SMF) - May 2006

65) SBL- Night Flower (NF) - June 2006

66) RBL- Darling Diva 5th Anniversary Limited (Diva) - June 2006

67) SBL- Honey Bunny Once More (HBOM) - July 2006

68) SBL- Prima Dolly 1 Ashlette (PD1A) - August 2006

69) SBL- Prima Dolly 1 Ginger (PD1G) - August 2006

70) SBL- Prima Dolly 1 Violet (PD1V) - August 2006

71) SBL- Piccadilly Dolly Encore (PiccaE) - September 2006

72) RBL- Last Kiss (LK) - October 2006

73) RBL- Star Dancer (StarD) - November 2006

74) RBL- Ichigo Heaven (IH) - December 2006

75) RBL- Yuki no Namida Hime (YNH) - December 2006

76) RBL- Prima Dolly Melon (PDM) - January 2007

77) SBL- Feel the Sky (FTS) - January 2007

78) RBL- Prima Dolly 2 Aubrey (PD2A) - February 2007

79) RBL- Prima Dolly 2 Saffy (PD2S) - February 2007

80) RBL- Prima Dolly 2 Ebony (PD2E) - February 2007

81) RBL- Ultimate Tour (UT) - March 2007

82) RBL- Tailor Gibson (TG) - March 2007

83) SBL- Rainy Day Parade (RDP) - April 2007

84) RBL- Gentle River (GR) - May 2007

85) SBL- My Best Friend (MBF) - June 2007

86) RBL- Prima Dolly Peach (PDP) (CWC Limited Edition)

87) RBL- Prima Dolly Cassis (PDC) (CWC Limited Edition)

88) SBL- Save the Animals (STA) - 27th July 2007

89) RBL- Princess A la mode 6th Anniversary Limited (PAM) - 23rd June 2007

90) RBL- Hello Harvest (HH) - 25 August 2007

91) RBL- Dainty Biscuit (DaBi) - September 2007

92) SBL- Cloud 9 Bowl (C9B) (Toys R Us Limited) - 22 September 2007

93) RBL- Mrs.Retro Mama (MRM) - October 2007

94) SBL- Enchanted Petal (EP) - 2 November 2007

95) RBL- Angelica Eve (AE) - 22 November 2007

96) SBL- Odekake Kimono Musume (OKM) - (CWC Limited Edition) December 2007

97) SBL- Mod Molly (MM) - 14 December 2007

98) RBL- Welcome Winter (WW) - 8 January 2008

99) RBL- Happy Harbor (HaHa) - February 2008

100) SBL- Natasha Moore (NM) - March 2008

101) RBL- Heart of Montmartre (HoM) - (CWC Limited Edition) March 2008

102) SBL- Precocious Candy's Mushroom (PCM) - (CWC Limited Edition) May 2008

103) SBL- Can Can Cat (CCC) - May 2008

104) SBL- Christina the Bride - June 2008

105) RBL- Eleanor the Forest Dancer - June 2008

106) RBL- CWC Limited Edition Prima Dolly "Peony" - June 2008

107) SBL- Milky Way Sugar (MWS) - July 2008

108) SBL- Bow Wow Trad (BWT) - August 2008

109) RBL- Miss Sally Rice (MSR) - August 2008

Petite Takara Blythe releases[edit]

  • PBL01 Kozy Cape
  • PBL02 Hollywood
  • PBL03 Rosie
  • PBL04 Mondrian
  • PBL05 Cosmo Afternoon
  • PBL06 Sunday Besy
  • PBL07&8 Bohemian Beat
  • PBL09 Paisley Star
  • PBL10 Asian Butterfly
  • PBL11 Rouge Noir
  • PBL12 Snow Wonder
  • PBL13 Pajama Party
  • PBL14 Weekend Artist
  • PBL15 All Gold
  • PBL16 Hollywood
  • PBL17 Aloha Spirit
  • PBL18 Cinnamon Girl
  • PBL19 Sewing My Way - pink
  • PBL20 Sewing My Way - blue
  • PBL21 Aztec Arrival Inspired
  • PBL22 Totally Tartan
  • PBL23 Pinky Doodle Poodle
  • PBL24 Midnight Hour
  • PBL25 Skate Date
  • PBL26 Pow Wow Poncho
  • PBL27 Kitchen Queen
  • PBL28 Tea for Two
  • PBL29 Plum Blossom
  • PBL30 Romantic Western
  • PBL31 Rainy Day
  • PBL32 Sailing Sailing
  • PBL33 Something Blue
  • PBL34 Caribbean Jewel
  • PBL35 Sunset Surfer
  • PBL36 Mademoiselle Rosebud
  • PBL37 Classy Classmate
  • PBL38 Orange Munchin
  • PBL39 Cutie March
  • PBL40 Spirit and Spice
  • PBL-41 I Love You It's True
  • PBL-42 First Plum
  • PBL-43 Groovy Groove
  • PBL-44 Cassandra Black
  • PBL-46 Please Plie
  • PBL-45 Forest Clover
  • PBL-47 Kingyo Bijin
  • PBL-48 Butter Cake Afternoon
  • PBL-49 Mamalade Heart
  • PBL-50 Tokyo Toddler
  • PBL-51 Spanky Punky (Devil Robots collaboration)

  • PBL TRU EX 01 Dottie Dot
  • PBL TRU EX 02 Cherry Berry
  • PBL TRU EX 03 Fancy Pancy
  • PBL TRU EX Birdie Blue
  • PBL TRU EX A Go Go

  • 2nd anniversary Nike
  • 3rd anniversary Art Attack
  • 4th anniversary Princess Cinema

  • CWC Limited Honey Bunny
  • CWC Limited Piccadilly Dolly
  • CWC Limited Fairy Girl
  • CWC Limited Velvet Minuet
  • CWC Limited Happy Everyday
  • CWC Limited Bubbly Blue Bunny
  • CWC Limited Hohoho
  • CWC Limited Princess Tutuphant
  • CWC Limited Milk
  • CWC Limited Mitten
  • CWC Limited Mono Comme Ca

  • KPBL01 Feline Fancy
  • KPBL02 Bear Hug
  • KPBL03 Poseidon's Treasure
  • KPBL05 Piyo Piyo Messenger
  • KPBL06 Fluffy Cuddly Bed Time
  • KPBL13 Tip Toe Itsy Bitsy Bug

  • P-PBL 01 Hollywood (new eye and body)
  • P-PBL 02 Rosie Red (new eye and body)
  • P-PBL 03 Mondrian (new eye and body)

Blythe books[edit]

  • This is Blythe
  • Blythe Style
  • Dear Blythe : Love, Gina
  • Dear Blythe 2: Love, Gina
  • Hello Blythe! Journal
  • Hello Blythe! Addresses
  • Blythe on Beauty
  • Darling Blythe
  • Blythe Moment
  • Blythe Rhapsody
  • Blythe Custom Basic Note (The Blythe Custom book)
  • NA WAHINE AULII: a Story at Hawaii by Blythe
  • Me & My Blythe: the Fans Collection

Siawase (talk) 13:16, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Information to add to the article[edit]

  • Blythe dolls are considered "special" to the owner because they are so versatile and have lots of character to them.
  • They were NOT modeled after Margaret Keane. Susie Sad Eyes, a doll completely unrelated to Blythe, was.
  • There are 3 types of Neo-Blythes: BL, Excellent, Superior.
  • Petite Blythes have nothing to do with those 3 types.
  • Also included are Ashton-Drake Blythes and Kenner Blythes.
  • Petite Blythes have nothing to do with those 2 types.
  • Above, someone asked why people saw their heads open. Correction: Not all Blythe heads need to be sawed open. Only Superior-type blythes.
  • Puchi Collective is a helpful source for other Blythe information.
  • I would much appreciate it if people on Wiki would stop referring Blythe as "ridiculous" or "non-economical." —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:52, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

CNN Article[edit]

This article has some history if an additional reference is needed. Tweisbach (talk) 04:55, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Overly detailed information[edit]

Hiding overly detailed info, preserving for reference

The measurements of Blythe: 4.17-2.76-3.89 (in inches) or 106-70-99 (in mm). The measurements of Petit Blythe: 1.77-1.18-16.5 (in inches) or 45-30-42 (in mm).

The bodies of Blythe varies depending on the time of the release. Earlier releases uses the BL (basic Licca) body, which has some disadvantages. For example, the legs do not bend as well as the later releases.

BL: June 2001-March 2002. Licca body is used, eyes glance further to the side, matte face for some models. Some also have boggled eyes so the upper lid does not show on their eyes. Hair is also generally thinner.

EBL (Excellent): June 2002-October 2003. New body is introduced. Unlike the earlier Licca body, EBL bodies do not have bendable arms, though their legs have three "clicks" at the knee. Faces are shinier.

SBL (Superior): February 2004-May 2009. New face mold and new sparkly eye chips. The new head of the doll is fashioned from a complete piece of plastic.

RBL (Radiance): December 2006-present. New face mold to look more Kenner-like, including a slightly wider eyes.

FBL (Fairest): March 2009-present. New face mold which Takara claims was based on the EBL mold. Includes matte skin, smaller eye holes, and a more button nose.

Ashton Drake Galleries produced nearly exact replicas of the 5 original Kenners in 2005-2006, along with replicas based on the original Kenner outfits. There were, however, noticeable differences in the face mold, in which the first release reproductions had skin-tones with a slight green tint, eye holes are wider, and the colours of the make-up quite vibrant. A second release of 5 more reproductions in 2007 showed a significant change in skin tone, less green and more peach-pink. Both releases do not have the Takara "shine" on their faces. Ashton Drake in total released 12 different full-sized Blythes, but ceased production in 2008.

This is the kind of detailed material that per WP:NOT is not so suitable to wikipedia and perhaps is more suitable on a collector site or fansite. I have attempted to summarize the above more succinctly in the article text. Siawase (talk) 20:15, 7 February 2010 (UTC)

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