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1. Second wave feminism

      - Why the release of “female sexual and political energy” change the portrayal of women in TV? Add a short sentence explaining why. 

2. Third-wave feminism

      - What happen in the case of Phoebe Prince? Add bold in order to redirect to her page. 

3. Mass media

      - This sentence sounds weird: “Feminists are also not often portrayed as victims, and are associated more with the women’s movement and their goals compared to regular women”. 
      - How will these labels affect minority feminist women, especially black women? Other labels associated with feminism include: “bubblehead,” “Amazons,” “angries,” “radical,” and “hairy,” (Jones, 1992).

Maider.deemiliodiaz (talk) 16:29, 22 April 2016 (UTC)

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Bibliography Ideas for Mass Comm Article Project[edit]

The portrayal of feminism in the media has been notoriously one-sided. I would like to add an unbiased plethora of neutral information. Including adding how feminism is modernly portrayed in the media. This article seems to be lacking the most current information regarding where feminism is now. I will also make plans to elaborate on feminism throughout the various platforms of media (i.e. social media, mass media) to give more of a general perspective of how much the feminist movement has progressed from when it initially started.

A list of sources I plan on using:

Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page without content in them (see the help page). Farrell, Amy Erdman. “Feminism and the Media: Introduction.” Signs, vol. 20, no. 3, 1995, pp. 642–645. JSTOR, JSTOR,

Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page without content in them (see the help page). Wright, Katharine A.M. and Jack Holland. "Leadership and the Media: Gendered Framings of Julia Gillard's ‘Sexism and Misogyny’ Speech." Australian Journal of Political Science, vol. 49, no. 3, Sept. 2014, pp. 455-468. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10361146.2014.929089.

Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page without content in them (see the help page). Wildermuth, M. E. (2007). Electronic media and the feminine in the national security regime: The manchurian candidate before and after 9/11. Journal of Popular Film & Television, 35(3), 121-126. Retrieved from

Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page without content in them (see the help page). Gedalof, I. (2011). Transnational feminism in film and media. Feminist Review, (98), e1-e3. doi:

Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page without content in them (see the help page). Seligman, Daniel and Patty de Llosa. "Talking Back to the Movement." Fortune, vol. 126, no. 7, 05 Oct. 1992, p. 147. EBSCOhost, (talk) 20:21, 1 October 2017 (UTC)

Hi Arutkowska : This is a good plan for adding to the article and nice list of sources. Best, Prof.bgreg (talk) 00:11, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

Article Draft for Mass Comm Course[edit]

Please review and give feedback.

I added some information to the two section, "First-Wave Feminism as well as the "Second-Wave Feminism". Within both section I edited for more neutrality since there seemed to be a few biases within the sections. I also added information about historically relevant people of the time to support each wave. I added successes each wave accomplished for the feminism movement at the time. While in the second-wave section I added a clarification of common historical misconceptions of the time.Arutkowska (talk) 23:48, 9 October 2017 (UTC)

Hi Arutkowska : Very nice draft in your sandbox. You did a good job with making the article more neutral and I like the information that you added on the "Common Misconceptions about the second wave…" With this piece, you may just want to start the sentence off by citing the author where the "common misconceptions" come from and provide a footnote citation at the end of the paragraph to make the section sound more neutral. Overall, really nice job! Prof.bgreg (talk) 00:11, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

Completed Article Draft for Mass Comm Course[edit]

Here is the link to my completed article draft for Mass Comm course. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Arutkowska (talkcontribs) 03:55, 18 October 2017 (UTC) Arutkowska (talk) 18:30, 18 October 2017 (UTC)