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The Truthful Harp[edit]

This section does not mention that Fflewddur Fflam has his own book for much younger children, entitled The Truthful Harp. Nor does an article on the book itself appear to exist anywhere in the various Prydain articles. I don't feel qualified to write such an article, as I do not have a copy of the book in my possession, but I thought someone should take it into account. :) Chrismrich (talk) 22:27, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

Origin of Fflewddur´s harp[edit]

Back around 1984, Lloyd Alexander gave a talk at the University of Chicago, entitled "Grand Illusions". In that talk, he mentioned the origin of Fflewddur´s harp... it happens that he bought that harp secondhand, and the seller told him it was good for nothing. He bought it anyways, and like the guy said, it was untunable. At night he would hear this crack and twang noise, and it turned out whenever a draft in the house hit that harp, it would make a noise. Years later, when he was writing the Book of Three, he was trying to figure out some way to indicate that the guy was a liar, and it hit him, to use the harp. So that was the inspiration. As years passed, he was getting old, and instead of going to schools to talk to the kids, he had them come to the house, and they would ask if that was Fflewddur's harp, and he said that is was. One day, right on cue it went "crack... twang"....

Unfortunately, I haven't found a published source for this story, and I am relying on my memory of that talk which was over 25 years ago. I don't even have my recording of that talk to even put a verifiable copy of it.

If anyone finds a published transcript or a copy, then this could be included in the information for the harp.

Ll1324 (talk) 23:37, 6 December 2010 (UTC)