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On this page it says Bauer " was the first to propose the widely used stack method of expression evaluation". On the Jan Łukasiewicz page it says "Łukasiewicz's Polish notation of 1920 was at the root of the idea of the recursive stack a last-in, first-out computer memory store invented by Charles Hamblin[1] of the New South Wales University of Technology (NSWUT), and first implemented in 1957."

The external reference about Hamblin says "Hamblin's proposal for Reverse Polish Notation is contained in the following papers." .... "C. L. Hamblin [1957]: "Computer Languages." The Australian Journal of Science, 20: 135-139. Reprinted in The Australian Computer Journal, 17(4): 195-198 (November 1985)." ... "proposed stacks"

Is there a definitive answer to who was first? Can someone with the answer edit the appropriate page (and explain why so it doesn't get reverted), please? Neil Leslie 23:32, 29 March 2006 (UTC)

Who coined the term Software Engineering?[edit]

MacKenzie reports in his book "Mechanizing Proof: computing, risk, and trust" (2001, p. 34) that "Bauer was not the only one to coin the term...". Douglas T. Ross, at least, appears to have proposed a course on the subject in January, 1968 (MacKenzie 2001, p. 34). Bauer was obviously more influential, though. --vst (talk) 09:09, 8 January 2009 (UTC)