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So...why does the controversy section keep getting deleted?

Seriously, I wanna know as well...I've been watching (and occasionally participating) in this for a bit now, and I don't understand why this keeps getting cleared. Seems like GoF has folks burying their dirty laundry for them. The thing is cited (hell, they even used the numbers hosted at my site for a citation) and is accurate. The veracity isn't even being disputed.

So why does it keep getting dumped?

Jer l (talk) 05:19, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

The citation is an excel spreadsheet. If all it is used for is to quote the numbers then fair enough, but the conclusions drawn are an extrapolation, which constitutes original research. If there are reliable sources to back up what this section is saying, then it wouldn't be deleted. Quantpole (talk) 10:59, 1 June 2009 (UTC)


The controversy section is based almost entirely on original research and a synthesis of published material that advances the position of the author. Even the term "published material" could be considered generous, considering the only 'published material' dealing with finances in this article is the organization's Form 990. The section should be removed. AwenMaster


The claims in the funding section that have been removed are the same unfounded extrapolations that were made in earlier edits. Simply put, the BBB reference is not pertinent to the inferences made about the organization. Presumably, the “financial concerns” the editor is alluding to are the same claims based on original research, which were removed earlier from the article by Wikipedia. AwenMaster


The claims in the funding section are made by a 3rd party, which only provides facts, and not opinions. Please see the files for yourself if you feel they are not. It is not opinion when the documents are also provided. Jericshow