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All "citations needed" requests that have been put on this article in November 2010 have now been addressed to the best of our knowledge. I would also like to mention that Hans Blohm has reviewed more than once the content of the page. Statements he did not consider accurate have been corrected or removed.

1) We were asked to provide citations for sentences 3 & 4 of the very first paragraph. To justify these statements, I have added a reference to his "Voices of Natives" book which provides ample proof that Hans has extensively travelled through the North and has been to the localities mentionned. The "quantifiable information" that is provided (i.e. number of times he travelled North, number of kilometers travelled) were confirmed by Hans (winter 2011). The millage has been recorded in his many travel diaries but these specific details were never published in an external source. If it is seen as an issue for them to be included in Wikipedia, I can reword these sentences to make them more general. Please advise.

2) Second paragraph of the Summary of achievement section. Proof that Hans attended the various meetings stated can be found by looking at the photos published in his book Voices of the Natives. Agreement in Principle in Igloolik in May 1990 (see photos II, XCII), the contract signing in Iqaluit in May 1993 (see photos LXXXIX and XC), Royal Ascent signing at Coppermine in July 1993 (see photos XXIX, XCIII), proclamation of Nunavut Territory in Iqaluit, April 1st, 1999 (see photos III, XCVI, XCVII).

3) Fifth paragraph of the Summary of achievement section. We have added a reference but we feel that the photo displayed to the right of the paragraph is a good enough proof that Hans photographed in the House of Commons perched on tables.

4) Sixth and seventh paragraphs of the Summary of achievement section. Most of Hans' note books where he kept the name of his clients and his assignements are now in the custody of National Library and Archives Canada so are over 180,000 of his photographs. In the external links section, we have provided the link to the search function of the National Library and Archives Canada's website where one can obtain the details of all of Hans' photographs that are in the custody of the Archives. Looking at the description of the Archives' records should provide the proof that these statements are acurate.

5) Eighth paragraph of the Summary of achievement section. We did find include a reference. On his personal website, Hans displays a photo he took of his camera's set up when he photographed the gold bars. We consider that photo should also be a good enough proof to support the statement.

6) Nineth paragraph of the Summary of achievement section. I have gone to the National Gallery in the hope of getting more information about the photographic catalog and getting a proof that Hans worked on it. My understanding is that the catalog is not in a printed form but it is a collection of thousands of slides. After some research, NG's staff concluded that they would not be able to trace back who worked on the catalog. The proof would have to come from Hans' logs of clients which are in the custody of the National Archives.

7) Fifteenth paragraph of the Summary of achievement section. The count of 180,000 photographs comes from doing a search on the National Library and Archives Canada's website for Hans' photographs. I reviewed the 255 records shown and added up the relevant entries. I removed the "citation needed" tag and replaced it with a link to the search page of the Archives' website so that anyone can do the same exercise. Hope this is satisfactory.

8) Honours and Awards. First paragraph. Hans forwarded a copy of the invitation letter he received for the official opening of Blohm court complex. The letter clearly states that the street and the complexes have been named in his honour. Also found a reference in a newspaper article.

Thanks for your help in improving Hans' page. Looking forward to reading your suggestions, recommendations and advice.

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You have Eagle River (Alaska) linked twice to refer to the crossing of the Eagle River by the Dempster Highway, which obviously isn't in Alaska.RadioKAOS (talk) 19:16, 29 March 2012 (UTC)