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D&C Quote about Hyrum: Don't quite know how to work it in just yet.

"In life they were not divided, and in death they were not separated." (D&C 135:3).

WBardwin 08:13, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Reading biography[edit]

I'm reading a great biography on Hyrum Smith. When I'm done I'll start incorporating the information in this article. Hyrum is probably more important than anyone else in the formation of the church, besides Joseph. The book has plenty of references and so it is going to be a good factual resource. I love one of the quotes Hyrum gave to a visitor to his house in the early history: "We are a visionary house." Jgardner 06:13, 20 May 2005 (UTC)

I'm done with the book and I'm contemplating what to include. The book had a nice timeline in the back with significant events. I want to capture the integrity and unquestioning faith in Joseph Smith he had. I also want to show that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind or use his brain, and was often relied upon by Joseph. I'll probably read it once more to take notes on what I want to include. The book, by the way: O'Driscoll, Jeffrey S. (2003). Hyrum Smith: A Life of Integrity. Deseret Book Company. ISBN 1570088578. Jgardner 22:02, 26 May 2005 (UTC)
Sound like a great book. All our references are Brighamite. Are there any books/articles written by non-members or from the other LDS schisms? Balance would be good. WBardwin 22:37, 26 May 2005 (UTC)


This article is way umbalanced, clearly written exclusively by LDSs

If you, apparently not LDS, know anything about Hyrum Smith or have other sources, feel free to add information. WBardwin 18:18, 21 July 2006 (UTC)