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Read This Before Moving Information Inside Tags[edit]

Regarding Jerry's Voice Actors and Singers:

This nonsense code makes the article barely readable when editing. I am going to put it all back, with "citation needed" information...this process occurs EVERYWHERE on wikipedia, so I still don't see why people have edited it as "unreferenced". A simple review of the theatrical credits (and common sense--most animated features did not credit each actor to a character, until the 1990s) indicates the voice actors of Jerry. I will add more references. The completely uncredited actors, I will put "citation needed", and perhaps delete later until references can be found. Whoever read BOOKS and put them as references, can simply include the remaining voice actors as part of this article!! In-Correct (talk) 21:23, 12 July 2011 (UTC)


Were Tom & Jerry originally called Jasper & Jinx? If so, shouldn't there be some mention of this in the article? VenomousConcept (talk) 16:45, 29 January 2013 (UTC)


As there's a section that lists personality traits on the page for Tom, it's only fair to have a section that lists personality traits on the page for Jerry.--Trisha Gaurav (talk) 23:28, 11 August 2016 (UTC)

My apologies for being unfair to the fictional character. I hope it is not too upset. :)
The list included numerous supposed "personality" traits. If "hungry" is a personality trait, it is one common to every vertebrate on the planet. I've never met you, but I'm willing to bet you've been hungry, love fun, etc. In fact, I am curious right now: how can he be "brave" and a "coward"?
Long story short, the list is a random collection of behaviors/labels (some are adjectives/adverbs; others are nouns) that are vague and POV.
To be fair, I'll remove the similar list on the Tom Cat article, the one about the nice sadist who is a lazy hard-worker. - SummerPhDv2.0 00:39, 12 August 2016 (UTC)