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Nicholas Moreau
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About me

I'm Nicholas Moreau, or user:zanimum[1] On the English and Iqualik Wikipedias,[2] I'm an administrator; I'm a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications Committee, and have been interviewed numerous times, for Call for Help,[3] the Ryerson Review of Journalism,[4] Home Page on CP24, the Toronto Star, and others.

In real life, I'm an advertising copywriter for a website. In 2006, I graduated from the Advertising and Graphic Design program at Humber College, and interned at Ontario Out of Doors and Vervegirl.

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Twitter: @nickmoreau User:Zanimum/Edit count

Did you know entries[edit]

I also nominated DYK listings of Murder of Jan Pawel and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak.

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du Maurier (cigarette)

Canadian Paralympic athletes


  1. ^ I don't know how I got my username, it originated from DMOZ. I rarely volunteer there now, because of time and the overly structured format.
  2. ^ Do I speak Iqualik? No, not even a word. But I couldn't bear to see this project go, and I've made limited but significant attempts to attract new contributors. Mainly, I deal with keeping the wiki clean for future usage.
  3. ^ My first interview for Wikipedia was on Call for Help; I had contacted them, trying to arrange an interview of Jimmy Wales, on the hopes Toronto would win Wikimania 2006. They decided they wanted me instead. (Good thing too, in retrospect. Call for Help ceased production by the time the conference was held in the winning city, Boston).
  4. ^ Fortune, Carley (15 January 2006). "Who Needs Journalists?". Ryerson Review of Journalim (Toronto ON). Retrieved 5 January 2013. 
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Request For bureaucratship In the Somali Wikipedia


I Kindly Request you if you could grant me a bureaucrat status on somali wikipedia.I would like to contribute to that somali language based wiki.--Addoow 04:14, 7 January 2011 (UTC)