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What happened to this article?[edit]

It had well sourced discussion of his work and a more comprehensive list of works [1] which all seemed to have been removed and a watered-down unsourced "official" biography parachuted in. All very odd. I'd support returning to the earlier version and seeing if there is anything we can use from this one (which is clearly flying against WP:BLP as it has so much unsourced personal information). (Emperor (talk) 21:34, 20 April 2009 (UTC))

User:Attaboy100 is the one that changed the whole thing, he might be working for Stahl or Stahl himself, he did claimed to be the copyright holder of the headshot. Eventhough there is a conflict of interests maybe we should keep the "facts" and remove what seems to be biased, like the writing style section..?--Yamanbaiia(free hugs!) 15:50, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Probably was Stahl. I know for a fact (let's call it "original research") that he himself maintained his MySpace page a few years back, a page that said something like "This is an official fan page, but it is NOT maintained by Stahl, please do NOT try to contact him here."

Anyway, the Hemingway movie is out, so that section needs to be updated. (It's great by the way.) ElizaBarrington (talk) 05:01, 7 June 2012 (UTC)

Probably related to the above.[edit]

I say most of the article has to go. There is too much unverifiable fandom opinion. It's perfectly fine for one due or many to think an author's work is fantastic...but saying so on the article is not always the way to go. If another well-known artist praised the work, sure. But as it is, it reads like a finely well-written high school lit class report. Lots42 (talk) 20:00, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

This article is WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. Stahl's accomplishments include the TV series ALF, and Moonlighting, and some other memorable shows. Since this article seems to center on his addiction and his book & movie Permanent Midnight, I wouldn't mind finding out who the original for Elizabeth Hurley was, and some other details of his decline and rehabilitation. This article mentions his work on CSI number 100, but I'd appreciate some memory-jogger about the celebrated episode so I can recognize it when it reruns on TV. Sussmanbern (talk) 12:54, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

With all of the above in mind I have added back in his filmography and the paragraph dealing with his CSI work (which was all properly sourced but removed by Attaboy). You can see the version before their rewrite here, if anything else catches your eye feel free to add it back in. Equally, quite a bit of the personal life is unsourced and violates WP:BLP so may need reworking or removing but check the various articles and interviews in the links section as quite a few of these can be moved up as footnotes. It was a pity all the useful material was removed and replaced with a stripped down and unsourced biography but hopefully it should be possible to get the article back on track now. Plus if anyone tries to do that again feel free to revert them as one round of this seems to have put the article back years in its development, which is a real pity. (Emperor (talk) 17:08, 13 August 2010 (UTC))

The "writing style" section is superfluous and terribly written. I really think it should be removed. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:50, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

I've taken it out. The earlier version [2] was better but a) read like a PR release and b) was just pure original research without proper sources. (Emperor (talk) 18:48, 5 February 2012 (UTC))

Interviews removed from external links[edit]

I removed the interview with New Angeles magazine from external links. It was a dead link and if it included material of note is should be used as a source. It is archived at The Wayback Machine:

Stephens, John (July 2007). "Jerry Stahl". New Angeles. Archived from the original on 2007-09-28. - - MrBill3 (talk) 20:24, 24 October 2013 (UTC)

Also removed:

Interview on the Gothamist, July 12, 2007

(unremarkable, WP:LINKFARM). - - MrBill3 (talk) 20:56, 24 October 2013 (UTC)