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Opening paragraph expansion[edit]

I've been asked in the peer review of the article to expand the opening paragraph to better summarize the overall material. I think I'll let someone else do it since I'm more interested in digging for and presenting the facts in the main article. I'll put in a request for someone in the martial arts wikiproject to help me out. (Ghostexorcist 20:51, 27 November 2006 (UTC))

1928 Nanking leitai fighters[edit]

Dear all, im not sure wich position he held but Master Guo Cheng Yao, Grand Master Chen Tzi Cheng's student, Ying Zhao Fan Zi style (eagleclaw), also participed in this fight. I would be much grateful if this could be checked in the historical archives you have access to. Xiexie —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 23:38, 9 December 2006 (UTC).

Unfortunately, I don't have access to any historical records that might verify your claims. If you can find me a respected English or Chinese website that supports what you say, I might be able to add it to the List of famous lei tai fighters page. But if the person didn’t place in the “Top 15” of the 1928 lei tai or isn’t notable enough, I can’t add their name. I have never heard of some of the people on the list, but they won these competitions and made names for themselves aftwards. (Ghostexorcist 00:04, 10 December 2006 (UTC))

Please check the following lines: In 1925 he travelled to the Capital of the country in order to teach Eagle Claw Kung Fu at the (then) famous Bei Ping Guo Shu Guan school of martial arts, while later he was appointed head of the 2nd Beijing Wushu team. In 1928 on the qualifying round for athletes to represent Beijing at the Chinese Wushu Championship, Guo and teacher Wan Laisheng (natural style) were nominated as winners. After that Guo won all the fights he fought at the Championship, the most exciting being the one against the champion of the Jiang Su province. The fight lasted half an hour, during which, Guo managed to hit his opponent 8 times. At the end of the fight his opponent couldn't stand on his own feet. That particular victory gave Guo great fame in all northern China. Source: [] Thank's and I am expecting more news, xiexie. By the way, im trying to contact GrandMaster Wan Laisheng relatives also.

I need some sort of citation for the previous paragraph. Did you find it online? Plus, unless the information you obtain from Grandmaster Wan Laisheng's relatives has previously been published, you can't add it to this or any other Wikipedia page. Wikipedia has a strict "NO Original Research" rule. That sucks because I know a great deal more about the subjects of the articles I write, but can't add it since it's never been published. That's one of the strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia.(Ghostexorcist 20:26, 10 December 2006 (UTC))

Thanks for all the info above and for being sympathetic, im new to this. The following link leads to the info as regards to the lines i quoted above: , family tree biographies, Guo Cheng Yao. On the other hand, i just trying to check info regarding to GM Wan Laisheng by their archives. Thats it. Xiexie

It all points to Master Guo Cheng Yao is qualified to be included in the List of famous lei tai fighters.
I need more support than just this one page about Guo Cheng Yao. If you could find another english source or perhaps a reliable chinese source, I'll add him to the list. (Ghostexorcist 10:53, 16 December 2006 (UTC))

The link leads to the Master Guo Xian He greek disciples's web. As regards to your claims for more sources, well, the Beijing National Library owns at least a copy of the book called "ying shou quan fa" written by the respected Master Guo Xian He. Unfortunately, i can not scan the pages that contain the info on his family and to send it to you since it is illegal, at least here in Spain. At least, i can offer you the link [1] Thanks again for your help and guides. 00:27, 18 December 2006 (UTC) Jan She Ji.