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Clean up[edit]

This page is really sort of a mess. It no longer specifies or defines what "party" some developers' fit into as well as mixing first and second party developers in one category (such as Intelligent Systems being a lone 1st party in a group of 2nd parties). It's just messy and unclear. Work needs to be done. In addition to these problems, certain companies listed as second party (now referred to as third-party affiliates for some reason) simply are not. Most notably, Cinq, Monster Games, Kuju and Next Level Games; all have collaborated with Nintendo like many, many third party developers have, but neither have exclusive development contracts or partial ownership with Nintendo. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:55, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

I have an idea for restructuring this page.[edit]

Ok, how about we make a 1st section that has all of Nintendo's distributing subsidiaries (Nintendo of America, Europe, Japan, etc) and Name that section "main offices" There we could put pictures, their respective presidents, and discriptions about them.

Then make a second section and name that "Hardware Developers". Here is where we put teams like Nintendo IRD, Nintendo RED, and other teams that make only hardware. Other teams that could go here include Nintendo NSD, and Nintendo BTD

Then make a 3rd section called "1st Party Developers", and have all the Dev-Teams that Nintendo is the majority owner of. Teams that could go here include HAL Laboratory,Monolith Soft, ND Cube, Nintendo EAD, Nintendo SPD, Retro Studios, Brownie Brown, Project Sora, Intelligent Systems, and a few others. We could have the manager, what games that they are responsible for, and a short list of games they developed. If you want to see how it would look like, refer to the "Nintendo SPD" Page. Since Nintendo EAD and SPD each are broken up into individual development teams within them we could reserve more space for those two teams.

Then we could make a 4th Section called "3rd Party Developers" and put all of the teams in that either Nintendo is the minority owner of, or they have a publishing agreement with Nintendo. Or they make games exclusively for Nintendo to publish but don't have an official agreement with Nintendo. Teams that could go here include Skip ltd., Good-Feel, Alpha Dream, Creatures inc., Camelot Software planning, Monster Games, Game Freak, Genius Sorority, Noise, Ambrella,

      • Here is the twist. In the 3rd party section, I don't think we should have a list of games for each developer. That would take up space. I was thinking that we could have all the developers listed and that's it.

Original Dev-Teams, and Iwata asks can stay the same.

So what do you all think

Iluvthissite (talk) 18:44, 24 June 2010 (UTC)


  • removed infobox: not an article on the company
  • unbolded some text per WP:BOLDFACE
  • WP:NPOV changes, more encyclopedic tone (in the lead section in particular)
  • WP:ELNO removals
  • introduced more reliable sources
  • dropped unsourced statements
  • removed incomplete game lists
  • removed double redirects
  • format fixes
  • name changes from R&D4 to Nintendo EAD, as explained
  • removed Iwata Asks links per WP:NOTLINK, provided collection links
  • added refimprove and cleanup notices

Prime Blue (talk) 23:56, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Worldwide Studios[edit]

Nintendo doesn't call its development teams collectively as "Worldwide Studios". Maybe change it or remove it completely to avoid confusion with SCE Worldwide Studios.