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I've read that there has been built a stupa for Mahapajapati Gotami [1]. Should this not be mentioned on the mainpage, too? Austerlitz 14:22, 19 December 2006 (UTC) This is the source for the information, just scroll down to the bottom of the site and you'll find it [2].

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Quotation from the second link above:

"The Licchavi kings placed the remains of Pajapati in a golden casket and carried it through the city in a grand procession. The respect that the Buddha had for His foster mother and mothers in general was seen at Maha Pajapati’s funeral. The Buddha, who never walked behind anyone, walked behind the carriage that carried her body. In this way, by example, the Buddha showed us that we should respect and honor our mothers for the care and love that they have given us when we were too young to take care of ourselves. Hundreds of monks and nuns followed the carriage to the cremation ground. The casket was then placed on a sandalwood pyre and sprinkled with jasmine and other fragrant oils. The Licchavi kings then lighted the pyre.

The relics of Maha Pajapati are said to have turned white like glowing pearls. Ánanda collected the relics and handed them over to the Buddha and later to the Licchavi kings. A Stupa was built by the kings to enshrine Maha Pajapati’s relics. Women from all over the world pay respect and homage to Maha Pajapati in gratitude for initiating the Order of Nuns." (relics)

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Moving category "Women Buddhists" to "Buddhists"[edit]

I just noticed that the category "Women Buddhists" was removed from wikipedia. User:Cydebot's 2 January 2007 edit to the Mahapajapati Gotami page mentions a discussion about deleting this category. But, the CFD discussion doesn't seem to exist on the link (Wikipedia:Categories for deletion/Log/2006 December 26), though other discussions were archived there. Can anyone show us a place where the discussion took place? Thanks. Deebki 07:03, 6 February 2007 (UTC)


  • [3] It could be on the site of the article, too.
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"At the birth of each sister, interpreters of bodily marks prophesied that the children would be cakkavattins (Cakravartin)." This is in the article. Is there any source for that?

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Well - I don't know[edit]

"Q. What statues are you going to put in the temple?

A. Well, in the puja hall of the shedra, the monastic college (study centre), the main figure will be Prajna Paramita (the goddess of the Perfection of Wisdom), and on one side will be Jetsun Drolma and on the other side will be Manjushri, because the Khenpo said, ‘Where’s Manjushri?’

Also there will be statues of the Venerable Ananda and of Mahaprajapati, the Buddha’s stepmother. Because Ananda was the one who persuaded the Buddha to allow women into the order. And of course Mahaprajapati was the first nun. Not only had I always intended to do this, but without my saying anything, Dugu Chogyal Gyamtso Rinpoche who had come to advise us on the statues, said that we must have Ananda and the Buddha’s aunt. I was very happy to hear him say so too."

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