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Citation Needed?[edit]

I'm new to the world of Wikipedia editing, and I've noticed that the original author put a "citation needed" on the phrase "often found in dim sum restaurants worldwide." I'd be hard pressed to be able to actually cite that and that some things, for lack of a better word, are better proven by just going to your local restaurant and seeing that it's there? I don't think that any reasonable person would think otherwise regarding the fact that "mango pudding [can be] often found in dim sum restaurants worldwide." I have yet to come across one that does not, and I've been to too many. ;)

So my question is this: where is the line drawn between what needs to be cited and what does not? For a lot of Chinese and HK cuisine, you will be very hard pressed to find published sources in English, outside the typical tour book.

In any case, I will work with this article a bit and expand it in the future. Jon914 09:00, 13 September 2007 (UTC)