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This author is clearly notable[edit]

I think it should be clear that Marcelle Auclair is notable (see Fremcj: fr:Marcelle Auclair), although my French may not be good enough to locate the needed references to prove it by cut and dried criteria, and unfortunately the French WP page for her does not have good references. But consider the following:

  • Searching on her name in Google Book gives more than 32K hits, the vast majority of which, at least at the beginning, do seem to refer to her, even though she's been dead almost 30 years.
  • Online essays such as this by Dorothy Nixon, or this by Christian de Paepe, testify to her continued influence.
  • Many of her books are still in print decades after her death.
  • She had a prestigious publisher Éditions du Seuil that published many other eminent French writers.
  • The founding of the the prominent fashion magazine Marie Clair (as asserted many places, although not in its WP article, which at present attributes it to her husband Jean Prévost), if sustained, would seem to confer importance.
  • etc.

So I would appeal to WP editors to adopt a constructive view towards this page: please help expand it, especially if you have the relevant skills in French (Frankly, the French page on her could really use some improvement, too... they're not doing well by their own...). Thanks -- Presearch (talk) 03:30, 31 December 2012 (UTC)

PS I've managed to include several references to document many facts, including the founding of Marie Claire (citation to Touret). There are also other tantalizing references that would be interesting to include if they can be sourced reliably. For example, quotes attributed to Dorothy Nixon, including:
Perhaps the claim is findable in one of Auclair's own works?-- Presearch (talk) 10:37, 31 December 2012 (UTC)

Worldcat magazine reference removed, but could be restored[edit]

I am removing the following paragraph (with reference) from the literary contributions section:

From 1945 to 1947 Auclair directed the magazine Votre amie: le magazine de l'actualité féminine.[REFERENCE]Votre amie: le magazine de l'actualité féminine, ISSN 1259-5144, OCLC 472890838[/ref]

This is an intriguing Worldcat record but it does not seem substantial enough for our purposes, i.e., to say that she "directed" the magazine. Plus, the magazine's does not appear elsewhere on the web in Google searches. If more is learned about her relationship with this magazine - e.g., from her autobiography - then this paragraph could be restored and expanded.