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husband's desertion date[edit]

original sentence..

"The later years of the marriage were unhappy, Edmund had a number of business failures and became an alcoholic, leaving the family in 1884."

I changed this to 1885 to match page 37 of "Maybanke Anderson: sex, suffrage & social reform" book by Jan Roberts. there seems to be a contrasting date of 1884 on also

"Late in the 1870s the Wolstenholmes moved to the outskirts of Marrickville and by 1882 had built a large new home, Maybanke, in spacious grounds. Deserted by her unemployed husband in December 1884, she began to advertise a school next year. Over the next decade she built up a considerable reputation for Maybanke College through its modern teaching methods, the success of its pupils, especially in university examinations, and through her own public activities."

changing back to 1884. this matches Jan Roberts' book. it seems he left in 1884, though permanently by 1885.Kathodonnell (talk) 01:15, 28 February 2011 (UTC)