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Family relationships[edit]

I have a source, Cambridge Illustrated History of Medieval Europe, 1250-1520, p. 298, which says that Mangu Timur was a brother of Abaqa Khan. However, according to the information that is currently in this article, Mangu was more of a cousin. Do we have any other sources which can verify the relationship? Or were there multiple Mongol leaders named "Mangu Timur"? Here's the exact quote from the Cambridge book: "Abaka succeeded in eliminating the Kipchak menace hanging over Azarbayjan in 1266, and that of Jaghatai in 1270 and 1273. He was less fortunate in his moves against the Mameluke Sultan Baibars, victor over the Mongols at Elbistan (1277), against whom he solicited the support of the Pope, the King of England and the King of France -- in vain (1274-7). A further Mongol army commanded by Abaka's brother, Mengu Timur, was defeated in October 1283 near Homs by the Mameluke Qalawun." --Elonka 17:20, 2 October 2007 (UTC)

Hi! Yes you are right. There were more than two Mongketemurs in Mongol Empire. Abagha had a brother named Mongke temur and Batu had a grandson as well as Mongol generals. The latter became the khan of Golden Horde. Abagha's brother was a governor in south-east part of Persia and he unsuccessfully commanded the mongol army at the 2nd battle of Homs. One of khatuns of Abagha's brother Mongetumr was Padshah of Persia. If you need sources that would be Rashi al-Din and H.H.Howorth. Other sources mention about them. But first two provides more info about their family. --Enerelt (talk) 02:21, 8 September 2008 (UTC)

needs cleaning up very, very badly[edit]

Poorly cited, but most of all written in broken English by someone who is obviously not a native-speaker. Article needs much work!