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deleting "all male" from leadership team[edit]

whoever the unregistered editor was, who deleted this info and termed it irrelevant: women quotas are hardly irrelevant, especially in a company, that so wants to please investors with sustainability here and governance there. my guess is you work for Outokumpu. you could thank me for cleaning up/ updating "your" page. check out this article: Germany set to introduce legal quota for women in boardrooms The Independent Nov 18,2013--Wuerzele (talk) 05:38, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

Thyssen Outokumpu story[edit]

KatherineK (talk · contribs) and KatherineKi (talk · contribs) I assume these are 2 accounts of the same person ? thanks for editing the date of the Thyssen and Outokumpu announcements. I re-inserted the Thyssen side, because it adds a little bit more information and is not the same what you wrote instead. I realize that this is a site about Outokumu, but on encyclopedias context is always a plus. Quick question: Do you work for Outokumpu? --Wuerzele (talk) 08:18, 24 April 2014 (UTC)