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I notice that this page states that "White" - Ned White, I assume - was a contemporary of Brown's. In fact, Ned White came to Boston "about the middle of the 19th Century" according to O'Neill, who gives no date for his death, but he was possibly quite old when Patsy came to Boston. A friend told me about a Taylorish set owned by an aquaintance that was stamped "White" very faintly - the owner proceeded to file off the stamps, to pass the set off as a real Taylor. I've never seen any pictures of Taylor-style pipes by him but Robert Van Dijk of the Netherlands owns a Ned White set which is described in NPU's bulletin An Piobarie, around 1994. This set is in the style of the older flat pipes makers like Egan and Harrington. Also the article states that "The regulator keys at first resembled the Taylors' design, though Brown mounted them in wooden blocks, rather than between metal plates." In fact I've seen one set stamped "PB" on the bellows which had the keys mounted between plates; the chanter looked much like other Brown chanters I've seen. My own chanter looks like Brown and it is true nickel silver, as was this set and other chanters I've seen. Strictly speaking the keys weren't mounted "in" wooden blocks either, but it might be confusing to describe the mounting in exact detail.