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I had to write this 9 times to get it to work! Damn slow servers! Anyway, on to the point of this...

In my opinion, the article on Peter Falconio should be about his biography and what happened to him, not about his disappearance (hence, I nominate that Peter Falconio disappearance be deleted).

The Peter Falconio article is getting abnormally long and its usefulness is debatable. Wikipedia guidelines state that an article should be solely about that topic, with a link to another segment. I suggest therefore that this page be used to store information in relation to the trial - such as all of the evidence that has been presented, and so forth. That would then make it a lot easier to separate the useful information.

In the Bradley John Murdoch article I took out a lot of the relevant information from the Peter Falconio disappearance article to put it in there. I did the same with the Joanne Lees article. In my opinion, we should do the same with the Peter Falconio article (and not call it the Peter Falconio disappearance!).

Because this will need to be debated, I have just added this as a stub for now, to give an idea of how I would display it. I would then move all of the trial parts from Peter Falconio disappearance in to here, with a link to here. That then makes things a lot tidier. Then I can make things a lot cleaner in here. I can then put in sections such as DNA, eye witnesses, close circuit television footage, friends of Falconio, James Hepi (who deserves his own section, if not his own page), Murdoch's ex girlfriend, and so forth.

Another big reason to do this is because at this stage it looks very likely that Murdoch will be found not guilty. Now, if he is found not guilty, then we will have to have another trial. It could be that Joanne Lees is prosecuted for the murder, that James Hepi is prosecuted for the murder, that police re-interview old suspects who matched Joanne Lees' description, or else that Joanne Lees is prosecuted for helping Peter Falconio to fake his own death. Or a myriad of other options. And if this happens, then the Peter Falconio disappearance article will look rather silly. I mean, if say Joanne Lees is then prosecuted after the end of the trial (probably the most likely outcome), then would we have a second wad of information in there? I would rather see Peter Falconio's article just link to 2 places - one to here, and one to The Queen vs Joanne Lees (if we get to that stage, of course).

This is just an idea though, and if we don't get consensus, this can be deleted happily, and we can keep the articles as they stand now. 15:28, 22 November 2005 (UTC)

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