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Student body incident[edit]

There is a source on Google Books which clearly states that the roommate who got caught up in the gay "scandal" when Wicker ran for student body president was poet Edward A. Lacey (whose article does cite other sources confirming that Lacey and Wicker definitely knew each other, although they fall short of linking Lacey directly to the election incident); however, the Google Books source has an author credit of "by Wikipedians". Accordingly, I have to presume that somebody has a valid source to confirm whether Lacey was the roommate or not — if we put his name into the story like that, we had to get it from somewhere, right? — but that particular source obviously doesn't cut it as a reference and I can't yet find any other source which says so besides mirrors of that same document. There is a Lacey biography I can try to track down to see if it makes a stronger connection, but can anybody shed any light on this in the meantime? Bearcat (talk) 07:49, 24 May 2013 (UTC)