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Can anybody provide me with a link to Shea's "tribute page"? Google seems to retreive only one match: the article. --GatesPlusPlus 12:02, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I recently created a new history page for my father at This page includes full copies of All Things Are Lights and some other works under a Creative Commons license.

--Mike Shea 14 March 2006


I remember reading an interview years ago with either Wilson or Shea (possibly in Playboy itself) in he said, presumably with tongue in cheek, that the sole purpose of fiction was to provide descriptions of fellatio. Anyone know what the source is, and which of them said it? Hayford Peirce 00:10, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

To upgrade article[edit]

There are a range of Wikipedia sources that can help you out. All articles must meet WP:V. To learn how to a proper citing style, consult WP:CITE. For what kind of external links are acceptable, WP:EL is a useful set of guidelines. Good luck! GBYork 18:56, 24 August 2006 (UTC) This user was found to be a sock of Mattisse

Photo of Bob Shea[edit]

I don't see the photo anymore, but if it's the one I remember it was by Jeff Koslow, owned by the Association for Consciousness Exploration, the same one shown here, and used by permission. It is the same photo to be found on the cover of the cassette lecture tape "A Meeting with Robert Shea". I don't know how to reverse it's deletion. Also, starting the text with the fact that he co-wrote a book already mentioned in the next paragraph doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't it just start with something like "Robert Shea was a journalist and an author of science fiction and historical novels."? Rosencomet 20:34, 31 January 2007 (UTC)

Deletion of information without basis[edit]

Kathryn has deleted some references to appearances at Starwood and WinterStar, and one about Shea reading his last book at WinterStar with the edit summary "author appeared and read at numerous events and venues over his life." This is not so, and I ask her to offer examples of other events Shea has appeared at and/or read from his books. Shea had appeared at several Starwood and WinterStar events, and recorded three lectures and two panel discussions there. His relation with ACE was not a passing one; he appeared at NO other Neo-Pagan events, very rarely elsewhere, and I don't know of a single example of him offering classes anywhere else. This information and its citations should be replaced. Rosencomet (talk) 18:55, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

This article needs work, and I intend to do some. However, there seems to be no basis for Kathryn's deletion of the material concerning the only recorded talks by him available, nor of the only public reading on record of Children of Earthmaker by the author. Before going into another spate of accusations, please review the history of the mention of Children of Earthmaker, which was placed here not by me but by someone else: User:Flinders, a sock-puppet of User: Mattisse.
Also, I'm not at all sure Shea did read from Children of Earthmaker at WinterStar; I don't remember it, it isn't cited, and no such recording was ever produced (although being a work in progress, there may have been other reasons for that). If you look at the article Children of Earthmaker, guess what? It's another fake one created and worked on by a number of Mattisse sockpuppets and attributed to ACE: NLOleson, Flinders, GBYork, Mattisse, NothingMuch, Gjeatman. This article about Bob Shea has several of the same socks contributing to it. That's your buddy, Kathryn, who you still work with to cause me grief and have never criticized for this activity, but who you helped run Ekajati off Wikipedia completely for sockpuppetry.
Take a good look at that article and it's history. It took place just days after my first edit. Mattisse using the name Greatman created the article using the words "beginning Robert Shea article for Starwood". The whole article is nothing but a direct cut and paste of the text of the excerpt from Shea's son's website. Under the names Flinders and GBYork she does two more edits in a space of twelve minutes. Why, one must ask? Fifteen hours later, under the name NothingMuch, she changes the sentence at the top "Children of Earthmaker is a novel by Robert J. Shea" to read "Children of Earthmaker is a novel by Robert J. Shea read at Association for Consciousness Exploration". Someone named User: Jdcooper links ACE to it's article.
I only came across that article yesterday. I have never contributed to it, nor had Ekajati and Co., nor even had Shea's son. User: Ladybirdintheuk deleted the excerpt and made the article into a stub describing the unpublished book, using the reference to ACE since she had no reason to doubt it.
Can you finally see what I was up against? Can you see who was the real troublemaker? This is just like the article Mattisse wrote about What Witches Do (using the sock name User: LiftWaffen), which was attributed to "the Starwood folks", and which Mattisse actually created and then went to talk pages of other editors and said "See? They're at it again". I never even contributed to it, and I found out about it during a mediation. And Musart, created by Mattisse, never once edited by me, yet Mattisse said of it to another editor "Hi again! Check out Musart. it is waiting in the wings to have bunches of names added. Mattisse(talk) 01:13, 19 November 2006 (UTC)" as part of a discussion about what the "Starwood folks" are doing again. And Andrew Cohen, and Ann Hill. How many more articles and/or insertions did she create in the name of ACE and Starwood, or contribute to, that have either been deleted by now or have YET to be stumbled upon?Rosencomet (talk) 03:07, 12 April 2008 (UTC)

Recorded lectures and panel discussions[edit]

I have no dog in this race, but it seems that this is a clash of personalities that has zip to do with the facts. Pigman has deleted ONLY stuff about these ACE-related appearances and recordings. There's no record I can find that Robert Shea ever appeared anywhere else (so how can it be undue weight?) or made any other recorded talks. Therefor, they belong in this article, where viewers can learn about them. If Robert Shea had spoken at some other event, like the Whole Life Expo, and Sounds True had produced the talk on tape, I don't think this would have happened. He had no objection to mentioning an outline of a novel that was never even written, Children of Earthmaker. (For that matter, why does it have an article?) I also changed the section heading from Other Writings to Other Works. JuliusAaron (talk) 18:23, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

The Illuminatus Trilogy---philosophical & political differences with RAW[edit]

I quote from the article:

The Illuminatus! Trilogy[edit]

Shea met Wilsoned on Playboy magazine. They decided to collaborate on a novel. It would combine sex, drugs, religious cults and conspiracies, as well as anarchy. Their philosophical and political differences merely served to enrich their efforts. Objectivity was jettisoned, as indeed was subjectivity: no single point of view or version of reality was privileged: Illuminatus! was the three-volume consequence.

What exactly were the philosophical and political differences between Shea and Wilson? It sounds to me like they were both non-pseudoskeptical skeptics open to religious mysticism and magic, and non-objectivist hedonistic egoist anarcho-capitalist propertarian libertarians. Is there anything I missed? Can somebody spell out what significant differences they had, if any? I think this would improve this section of the article and help shed more light on the details of the philosophies of these two men. Shanoman (talk) 00:55, 20 April 2010 (UTC)