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Explanation of Electoral System and details of Electoral Constituencies[edit]

An explanation of the electoral system is needed to explain the criteria that decide who can vote and where as well as who can run for parliament and where (both for the traditional districts and the individual voters seats).

Also it would be useful to have a page that lists the varrious electoral constituencies and the villages that they are composed of and perhaps a history of incumbents and their parliamentary terms and political affiliations. The problem is where to fit this info in.

Judicial System[edit]

Also it would useful to explain the TWO judicial systems that co-exist ie the western based Supreme Court and lowers courts and the Traditional based Lands and Titles Court which deals with traditional land and title (chiefly)issues.

Commonwealth Membership[edit]

This country is listed as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations at the official Commonwealth site: [1]

PoV / Bias of article name[edit]

Between American Samoans and Western Samoans (both are Samoans and consider their home/ethnicity Samoa), there is some rivalry considering what some American Samoans would consider usurping of the name Samoan (whereas Western Samoans would consider it taking it back). Anyway this is not a discussion that can be resolved, but this article should probably be renamed Samoa (Country), with Samoa being a short article discussing the longer history of the archipelago and linking to both Samoas.