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Hello, thanks for your instructions, first of all I have taken a lots of time to to do this work and translated from Arabic to English.

secondly I didn't copy 100 percent, what I have done is, that work is from my Knowlegde.

thirdly, I have given you that websites just for referance.

finally, if one person has knowledge and want offer it to wiki so how can we offer, because you will accuse us that we copied from the web which we give for referance.

thanks for you co-operation in advance.

Article tag updated[edit]

I changed the article tag from unreferenced (added by unknown user in April 2008) to nofootnotes because it has an external links section. --mo talk 03:18, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

Financial gain?[edit]

The last line in the article says that "In Farag's interpretation, Al-Halabi's motives have more to do with popular Arab revolt against foreign occupation and tyranny, rather than political assassination for financial gain."

Has it been suggested anywhere that Al-Halabi acted for financial gains, i.e. was paid for this assassination? It doesn't seem, at a first glance, that he planned his escape too carefully. And a "revolt against tyranny" is always "political", so the sentence does not seem very clear to me. Any sources for the "financial" part? If not, I'd try to reshape the sentence to: "In Farag's interpretation, Al-Halabi's motives are depicted as inspired by popular Arab revolt against foreign occupation and tyranny". Which might be close to reality or not, pending any source about what his real motives were. Ilyacadiz (talk) 14:27, 21 December 2016 (UTC)