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needs updating[edit]

Gram. & phon. needs updating w Crowley & Dixon (1981). I don't have access. — kwami (talk) 15:38, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

Bowern abbreviations[edit]

The word-list abbreviations in Bowern are not explained, and there are at least three typos in the figures, making the paper hard to follow. The abbreviations are the same in Table 1 of the supplement and in Fig. 3, apart from XX-s-mj and the eight left out of Fig. 3. As best I can tell, the equivalences are:

Fam. Fig. 2 Tbl. S1 Fig. 3 Tbl. S1
# name abbrev. abbrev.   name
NE 1 Ben Lomond NE-bl
2 Cape Portland NE-cp
3 Piper River NE-pr
4 Blackhouse/Walker UNK-bkwb
5 Jorgenson UNK-unk-jj
6 Norman Vocab NE-unk-sn
7 eastern NE-e
8 Port Dalrymple NE-dl
9 Arthur River UNK-unk-ar (Manuscript vocabulary, Arthur papers)
10 Lhotsky vocab UNK-lh
32 Robinson Northeast UNK-gar-ne
NE+OB 12 Swanport OyB-sp
OB+NW 11 Oyster Bay (other) OyB-oyb-other 
OB 13 Big River OyB-br
14 Little Swanport OyB-ls
15 Robinson Oyster Bay OyB-oyb-gar
16 Milligan Oyster Bay OyB-oyb-mj
SE 17 Milligan Bruny Island OyB-s-mj SE-s-mj
18 southeastern SE-se-other
19 Peron SE-se-pp
20 Robinson Bruny Island SE-b-gar
21 Roberts Bruny Island SE-b-rb
22 Sterling vocabulary SE-b-st
N 23 Little Jemmie UNK-gar-lj
24 Port Sorrell [sic] NW-ps
28 northwest tribes NW-nw
29 western SW-w (?) [ID'd thru fig 3]
33 Fisher vocabulary UNK-unk-wn
W 25 northwest NW-northwest
26 Robbins Island NW-ri
27 west coast NW-wc
30 southwest SW-southwest 
31 western tribes NW-western (?) [ID'd thru fig. 3]
W+SE 34 southern [Plomley name]  SE-s-other
W+NE 35 northern [Plomley name]  NE-n


"[ʌ̃]" is unatested in the material I've read, who wrote that and why? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Jimydog000 (talkcontribs) 13:20, 6 February 2017 (UTC)