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Teletransporter or teleporter refers to a fictional machine that allows teleportation. It is widely used in literature science fiction and fantasy, and was popularized in the television series Star Trek.

Teletransporters are now proven to be possible understanding research scientist Isaac Lasley's unified physics. The second type of teletransporter[1] in this article is possible. Most basically teletransportation from unit A to unit B can be achieved by an electromagnetic scan of the object/person to note the electromagnetic particles, waves, fields, and energy flow from which it is composed and then it is a disintegrator on the unit A side and replicator on the unit B, or vice versa. Teletransportation as seen in "Star Trek" will later be possible after the electromagnetic scan of the place to be teletransported to or from, like on a planet, can be done remotely rather from unit A to unit B. Teletransporters will[speculation?] revolutionize medical practices once they are in place as cancer cells and viruses could then be removed directly between point A and B without invasive procedures or chemical medicines.

There are two types of teleporters by function. One generates a wormhole which the object enters and the second transforms the energy in matter.

Types of teleporter[edit]

Teleported type wormhole[edit]

A device that holds within it a mini Large Hadron Collider. In the collide hadrons, inside of the device and lead to other physical-chemicals forms a flow. When a button is pressed its flow is ejected outside the apparatus through a mouth that is present in front of it. This flow travels as a wave until it expands creating a wormhole. If the mass is equal to the mass of the wormhole, that evaporates. One example is the time-accelerator dilation from Ohnn of Spiderman series.

Teletransportador type energy-matter[edit]

The teleporter origin or A process matter in energy of the body you want teleported. This energy travels through cable or medium air to the receiver, destination or B that transforms energy into matter again remaking what is teleported from the outset.

An example is the transporter room in Star Trek.


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