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May Hollinworth

  • ... that in 1940, Australian theatre director and former chemistry demonstrator May Hollinworth was described as "a wizard with lighting effects"? Source: Quinn, Marjorie (2 May 1940). "Women Who Will Play a Part In Australian Drama Month". The Sun (9462). New South Wales, Australia. p. 29: "May Hollinworth is a wizard with lighting effects. She rubs her magic lamp, and lo! miracles occur." [1]
    • ALT1:... that May Hollinworth was a demonstrator in the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney before becoming a theatre director? Source: E. C. (11 June 1938). "Music & Drama". The Telegraph. Queensland, Australia. p. 24: "There was a lull in Miss Hollinworth's stage career for some years as she took up chemistry at the Sydney University, becoming for a lengthy period a demonstrator at the Chemistry School. So she has two professions at her finger-tips." [2]

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