Temple Shalom (Wheeling, West Virginia)

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Temple Shalom is a Reform Jewish synagogue in Wheeling, West Virginia.


Reform Temple Shalom of Wheeling WV is the result of the merger of several smaller congregations with Congregation L'Shem Shomayim (Hebrew, meaning "For the sake of Heaven") which was founded in 1849 by Jews who had immigrated from German-speaking Central European nations. It is the oldest Jewish congregation in West Virginia.

Abba Hillel Silver served as its rabbi for two years (1915–1917), immediately after his graduation and ordination at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

In April 1892 it dedicated an elaborate Moorish Revival synagogue on Eoff Street.[1][2] The building, known as the Eoff Street Temple featured a dome, keyhole door and elaborate keyhole windows. A photograph can be seen at (wheeling.weirton.lib.wv.us/history/photos/artwork/temple1.htm ) The Eoff Street Temple structure no longer stands.


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