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No Country (named Test Your Reflex from 2004–2009) now Wilding is an indie rock/pop band from Los Angeles, California. The name change coincided with the end of their contract with RCA Records. As "No Country" the band remain unsigned. Their only release since leaving RCA was a single as the fictional band Low Shoulder for the soundtrack to the 2009 film Jennifer's Body. On July 14, 2010 the band put out two singles on their MySpace page.

The band's debut release was The Burning Hour (released April 24, 2007) on RCA Records. The album has been described as having an 80s sound [1] with hints of U2, The Cars, and Simple Minds[2] as well as The Cure[3][4][5] and The Killers.[6]

No Country (previously Test Your Reflex, and a.k.a. Low Shoulder) Currently " Wilding "
Origin Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Genres Indie rock/pop, Alternative rock
Years active 2004–2016
Labels RCA Records (until 2009), currently unsigned


Ryan Levine - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ryan Clark - lead guitar
Agustin Sanchez - bass, backing vocals
Andrew Ampaya - piano, keyboard, vocals
Sal Cortez - drums, backing vocals

Wilding Crew: Ryan Levine on vocals, bass, and guitar

Justin Levine on bass

Erik Janson on guitar

Andrew Ampaya on keys

Casey Brothers and drums

The band featured on the MySpace Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins album released on MySpace Records and distributed in the July 2007 issue of SPIN Magazine.[7] They liken themselves to other bands on the Pumpkins tribute, such as The Bravery.[8]

All tracks appeared on each band's MySpace page from May 14, 2007. Test Your Reflex opened for The Smashing Pumpkins on July 22, 2007 at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Before that, from March 22, 2007 to May 12, 2007, Test Your Reflex toured the US with the Detroit-based band Electric Six.

Television performances include two appearances with Carson Daly. On June 22, 2007 the band appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly and the following month performed on the Carson Daly show (aired July 12, 2007[9]).

Their song "Thinking of You" is featured as the background music of a radio commercial for Michelob Golden Light beer, heard in the Twin Cities and other markets in the midwest where the beer is sold.

The band is active till date July 2016.

History and Influences[edit]

The group is composed of five musicians of various backgrounds currently all between the ages of 19-21. As Test Your Reflex, they started out in the rehearsal rooms of a teen center in Thousand Oaks, California. They came together in early 2004.

Having played in various electronic and rock bands since grammar school, lead singer Levine decided he wanted to try something new. Inspired by classic albums like U2's The Joshua Tree, Peter Gabriel's So and Joni Mitchell's Blue,[10] after experimenting in his garage, Levine gradually developed the sound that would become Test Your Reflex.

It started when Levine met drummer Sal Cortez through an ex-girlfriend. The two then began searching for others to join them. After many months they finally found guitarist RC (a.k.a. Ryan Clark), a former guitarist of Los Angeles punk band R.O.H. Then came keyboardist Andrew Ampaya, a classically trained pianist with similar musical influences. With innovative and like-minded bassist Agustin Sanchez joining shortly thereafter, the first and final line up of Test Your Reflex was created.[10]

In 2009, the group changed its name to No Country. Also in 2009, two members of the band (Ryan Levine and Sal Cortez) appeared as members of the fictional band Low Shoulder in the 2009 film Jennifer's Body. The band performed the songs "Through the Trees" (written by Ryan Levine and Andrew Ampaya) and "One More Night" (written by Ryan Levine) as well as Blondie's "In the Flesh" in the film. The film's soundtrack includes the song "Through the Trees" by Low Shoulder.

In 2014, the Group changed it's name and with a few changed members formed a new group named Wilding. As Wilding they released their EP Wilding which can be heard on Spotify and YouTube .

Formation of Wilding[edit]

It's a Sunday night in November 2014 at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Five young men playing their first show together, bow their heads in a huddle behind the stage and make a quiet commitment to each other and to their music. They’re unheard of, untested, unknown.

The next day, they are invited to headline The Satellite's residency in January. The next week, they are invited to provide tour support for Young the Giant, of whom a few members were at the show. Within a few months, they’re in Austin for SXSW, performing at some most coveted showcases, including an intimate performance with Charles Bradley at Arlyn Studios. By summertime, they’re in Bob Clearmountain's studio at Apogee recording their debut EP. In less than a year, these five individuals have transformed into a unit that is winning the hearts of music-lovers and music-makers with every show. And they’re about to hit the road. They are Wildling.

While the rise of Wildling from obscurity to touring act looks quick on paper, their path has been a journey of patience, persistence, and dedication to their music.

Lead singer Ryan Levine and keyboardist Andrew Ampaya were the first of the five to begin making music together. Their chemistry was special and their first project landed them a major label record deal. However, they were lost in a shuffle of label restructuring. Where others would have been disheartened, this lit a fire inside Ryan and Andrew pushing them to continue writing, playing music and moving forward.

Their next big break came, when they wrote an illustrious track entitled "Hummingbird." Ryan sent "Hummingbird," directly to DJ Kat Corbett of KROQ. Immediately, Kat heard a hit, and began spinning the song in regular rotation on her show, "Local's Only."

Motivated by the radio play and response it was getting, Ryan and Andrew started playing out together. At a show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood in August 2014, Ryan's younger brother, Justin, was in the audience. Onstage, Ryan and Andrew were trying out a new bass player. Justin had a wake up moment, and realized he couldn’t sit on the sidelines while his brother was embarking on a new journey. He was determined to join the band, and became the new bass player.

Amongst all of this, Ryan met songwriter and producer Erik Janson at an ASCAP writers expo. Instantaneously, the two hit it off, and began working on new material together. Weeks later, the band invited Janson, who by now was a friend to all, to join them as the lead guitar player. Believing in the project and the songs he had created with Ryan, Erik committed, putting his songwriting and producing on the back burner to give focus to the band.

All the band needed now was a drummer.

Casey Wojtalewicz (pronounced wah-deh-lev-itch) had moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota for a job with the Sierra Club. Upon observing the large community of artists making a living off their craft, he decided to give music a shot, being a songwriter and drummer himself. He wound up behind the drums in the band Cayucas, and brought the band from its first basement shows in Santa Monica through two years of international touring.

Casey parted ways with Cayucas in October 2014. A few days after the split, he was getting lunch with Sameer from Young the Giant, who he had become friends with earlier in the year. Sameer mentioned a new band he had been following closely that was in need of a drummer, and the next day, Casey got coffee with Ryan.

The five played together for the first time later than month, in Wojtalewicz's cramped studio. They all gelled immediately, and within a week they had booked their first show together at The Satellite.

Since becoming a full band, Ryan, Andrew, Justin, Erik and Casey have worked relentlessly to prove they deserve every bit of the success they’ve earned. They’ve practiced tirelessly while holding bill-paying jobs, improving their performance and constantly writing new material. They’ve performed new songs at nearly every show, testing them out and continually honing their set and their sound.

One night, Andrew and Casey were riffing on a piano and drum beat, when Erik made a strange connection to Neil Young's "Heart of Gold." They worked out the arrangement that night, and are set to release their take on a song that is dear to all of their hearts this August.

Their debut EP, which will be released in October, will feature a collection of songs that have stood the band's test of dozens of shows and months of practice. There's the energetic hip-hop-beat-turned-explosive-double-bass outro of "Anywhere We Are;" the calm but passion-filled urban groove of "We Go All the Way;" the arena-filling gang vocals and anthemic resonation of "Wolves;" the can’t-help-but-move-and-sing-along sway of "Palindrome;" the driving, upbeat "Doesn’t Really Matter," and a newly tracked "Hummingbird" that conveys the incredible energy and heart the song has developed since the band came together.

The band has worked with different producers on different songs, including Doug Boehm (French Kicks, Dr. Dog), Caleb Shreve (Phantogram, Bear Hands), Ted Gowans (Tegan & Sara), and Ben Greenspan (Fences).

Frontman Ryan keeps the audience riveted with his electric performance, which many have compared to that of Bruce Springsteen. The interplay between Ryan and his younger brother makes it clear to all how sincerely thrilled they are to be onstage together —best buds since the beginning. Backed by the solid musicality and experienced stage presence of Janson, Wojtalewicz, and Ampaya (who's been playing piano since age 4), the overall passion and energy of the band is undeniable. They make wonderful use of dynamics, bringing the audience in—keeping things smooth, tight, and contained—and then turning it all the way up, losing themselves in the unique energy of the night, the performance and the space, and bringing the crowd with them. Levine is bound to surprise when he picks up his bass or guitar to riff along with Janson and his brother.

In the tranquil moments between songs, the essence of who these people are comes through. These are not five green wannabes, they are real, down-to-earth, earnest people who love playing music and do it with passion and humility. They have become brothers.

You may not have heard of them yet, but as they continue to win the hearts of fans and fellow musicians through their live performances, and with their debut EP out now, be prepared to see much, much more of this band.

SoundCloud Bio: "Wildling features Ryan Levine on vocals, bass, and guitar, Justin Levine on bass, Erik Janson on guitar, Andrew Ampaya on keys, Casey Brothers and drums."

This Band as Wilding can also be heard on SoundCloud [1]. They can be found on their website and other online platforms like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram etc.

Media Coverage/Online Releases[edit]

Last Call with Carson Daly - July 12, 2007[9]
Rhapsody Ones To Watch for May - May 7, 2007[11]
LA Weekly Digital Jukebox – April 19, 2007
LA Times "Buzz Bands" – April 19, 2007[1]
VH1 Hear Music First – April 17, 2007[12]
Artist Direct – April 12, 2007[13]
Pre-RCA Release of "Pieces of the Sun" on iTunes – April 10, 2007
SPIN Magazine/ "Artist of the Day" - January 5, 2007[3]
USA Today's Pop Candy Blog – December 5, 2006[14]

  • Wilding EP Released - 2015


As No Country[edit]

"Right Time" on MySpace, July 14, 2010
"Faithful" on MySpace, July 14, 2010

Music As Low Shoulder

As Low Shoulder[edit]

"Through the Trees" on the Jennifer's Body soundtrack, August 25, 2009

As Test Your Reflex[edit]

The Burning Hour (RCA Records) April 24, 2007 - U.S. Billboard Heatseekers peak No. 46[15]

MySpace Tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins|Helio Presents: The Smashing Pumpkins Tribute CD, July 2007

Pieces of the Sun (YouTube) [16]

As Wilding[2] (On iTunes)[edit]

Wilding EP[edit]

  1. Humming Bird [3] (YouTube) " The Song is Available on Spotify " 8 October 2014 (YouTube)
  2. Doesn't Really Matter [4] (SoundCloud) 2015
  3. We Go All The Way [5](SoundCloud) 2015
  4. Wolves [6](SoundCloud) 2015
  5. Anywhere We Are [7](SoundCloud) 2015
  6. Palindrome [8](SoundCloud) 2015


Like You Do ft. Grace Kelly [9](SoundCloud) [10] (iTunes) 2014

Heart of Gold [11](SoundCloud) [12] (iTunes) 2016


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