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The Accelrys Enterprise Platform is a science laboratory software platform designed to help close the innovation - productivity gap.[1]


The Accelrys Enterprise Platform was introduced by Accelrys in 2012 amid industry concerns that an information management gap between innovation and commercialization was slowing product development and hampering competitiveness in R&D.[2] Only 25 percent of projects in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to aerospace result in the commercialization of new products and of the 25 percent of products that make it to market, 66 percent fail to meet original design or consumer expectations.[3] The Accelrys Enterprise Platform contains elements that were originally part of Accelrys’ Pipeline Pilot product.

Technology Overview[edit]

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables the integration and deployment of scientific processes spanning data management and informatics, enterprise laboratory management, modeling and simulation, and workflow automation. It can manage structured and unstructured information encountered early in the product development, as well as highly structured, automated batch records required by lock-down production.[4] The platform integrates with existing IT infrastructures, including downstream enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. It helps science-driven businesses to gain efficiencies from their legacy systems, reduce complexity and improve productivity from innovation through commercialization.[5]

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform provides:[2]

  • Scientific and generic services
  • Data access and management services including analysis and reporting on complex data types including chemical structures, sequences, image, numeric and text
  • Common application services
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with third-party applications, databases and existing scientific infrastructure
  • Open architecture providing the ability to access third-party ODBC compliant data sources

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform’s Scientific Collections are add-ons that allow researchers, developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, analyze and report on complex scientific data types. The Scientific Collections are available to all of the Accelrys applications, Accelrys partner solutions and other third-party applications.[6] Collections contain numerous components for performing science-specific functions across chemistry, biology, imaging, data modeling and statistics.


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