The Adventures of the Little Prince (TV series)

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The Adventures of the Little Prince
The Adventures of the Little Prince (TV series).jpg
Poster from the first DVD box of the series depicting the main characters
星の王子さま プチ・プランス
(Hoshi no Ōjisama Puchi Puransu)
Genre Adventures
Anime television series
Directed by Kôji Yamazaki, Takeyuki Kanda
Studio Knack Productions
Original network TV Asahi
English network
Original run July 4, 1978March 27, 1979
Episodes 39, with 26 in English (List of episodes)
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The Adventures of the Little Prince (星の王子さま プチ・プランス Hoshi no Ōjisama Puchi Puransu?) is an anime series based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Made by the animation studio Knack Productions, the series, originally titled Hoshi no Ōjisama Puchi Puransu (Prince of the Stars: Petit Prince), aired in Japan on the TV Asahi network from July 1978 to March 1979. Dubbed into English, the series premiered in the United States in 1985 on Nickelodeon and was rerun through June 1, 1985 to December 29, 1989.[1] It was also broadcast on TVOntario in 1989,[2] a station that would later pick up the dub of the 2010 French adaptation. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, of Mobile Suit Gundam fame, was involved in this series as a director.

The series showed the extended adventures of the Little Prince, Swifty The Space Bird, and the Rose Girl. In total there were 26 episodes aired in English, with 39 episodes made for the original Japanese run. (According to The Anime Encyclopedia by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy, only the first 35 episodes were actually aired on Japanese TV; the remaining four episodes remained "lost" until the series was reissued on video.)


Season 1[edit]

  1. Higher Than Eagles Fly!
  2. Shipwreck!
  3. On Wings of Love
  4. Rob the Rainbow
  5. A Small Alien
  6. Somewhere in Space
  7. Visit to Another Planet
  8. The Perfect Planet
  9. The Wolf Pack
  10. The Star Gazer
  11. Last Voyage of the Rose
  12. The Chimney Sweep
  13. The Greatest Gift

Season 2[edit]

  1. (14) Too Big for This World!
  2. (15) The Winning Ride
  3. (16) To Be a Man
  4. (17) The Magic Case
  5. (18) Always Listen to a Fox
  6. (19) The Dancing Bear
  7. (20) Hitch Onto Halley's Comet
  8. (21) A Light in the Storm
  9. (22) What Makes Mitzi Mean?
  10. (23) The Wishing Stone
  11. (24) A Different World
  12. (25) Erase All Beauty
  13. (26) Play It Again, Sean!

Season 3[edit]

(Only released in Japan, no official English titles available)
  1. (27) Run! Locomotive (hashire! kikansha) 走れ!機関車
  2. (28) Lullabye-grass of love (ai no rarabai kusa) 愛のララバイ草
  3. (29) When the aurora shines (orora no kagayaku toki) オーロラの輝くとき
  4. (30) Adventure of the good ship Dream -first half- (dorimu gō no bōken - zenpen -) ドリーム号の冒険 ―前 編―
  5. (31) Adventure of the good ship Dream -second half- (dorimu gō no bōken - kōhen -) ドリーム号の冒険 ―後 編―
  6. (32) I want to go home to my star (hoshi he kaeri tai) 星へ帰りたい
  7. (33) Fly, comet ship! (tobe ryūsei gō!) 飛べ流星号!
  8. (34) Village vanished to the lake bottom (kotei ni kie ta mura) 湖底に消えた村
  9. (35) Bridge of friendship (yūjō no hashi) 友情の橋
  10. (36) Sculptor of the forest (mori no chōkoku shi) 森の彫刻師
  11. (37) Hero's hill (yūsha no oka) 勇者の丘
  12. (38) Violin singing to the heart (kokoro niutau vaiorin) 心にうたうヴァイオリン
  13. (39) Good night, prince (oyasuminasai ōji sama) おやすみなさい王子さま


DVD releases[edit]

On September 6, 2005, Koch Vision released a 4-disc DVD of the entire English series in Region 1. Koch Vision has subsequently begun releasing the series in Volumes each containing 3 or 4 episodes each, which sell at a lower cost than the complete series.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
The Complete Animated Series 26 September 6, 2005

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