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The Damned
The Damned – Volume 1: Three Days Dead
(color edition cover)
Publication information
Publisher Oni Press
Publication date October 2006
No. of issues Three Days Dead #0–5
Prodigal Sons #1–3
Main character(s) Eddie
Alphonse Aligheri
Creative team
Created by Cullen Bunn
Brian Hurtt
Written by Cullen Bunn
Brian Hurtt
Artist(s) Brian Hurtt
Letterer(s) Brian Hurtt
Colorist(s) Bill Crabtree
Editor(s) Randal Jarrell
Charlie Chu
Collected editions
Volume 1: Three Days Dead (black and white) ISBN 9781932664638
Volume 1: Three Days Dead (color) ISBN 9781620103852

The Damned is a horror-noir American comic book created by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and published by Oni Press.

Publication history[edit]

The first miniseries, Three Days Dead, ran from October 2006 to February 2007. There was also a six-page issue #0 published in October 2006.

A second miniseries followed in 2008, the three-issue Prodigal Sons.[1]

The original five-issue miniseries was later republished in color in 2017, just prior to the launch of The Damned as an ongoing series.[2]


Story Arc Issue Release Date Writer Artist Colorist
Three Days Earlier... #0 October, 2006 Cullen Bunn Brian Hurtt
Three Days Dead #1 October, 2006 Bill Crabtree
(2017 collection)
#2 November, 2006
#3 December, 2006
#4 January, 2007
#5 February, 2007
Prodigal Sons #1 April, 2008 Cullen Bunn Brian Hurtt N/A
#2 May, 2008
#3 August, 2008
Ongoing series (2017)
Ill-Gotten #1 May 3, 2017 Cullen Bunn Brian Hurtt Bill Crabtree
#2 June 14, 2017
#3 July 12, 2017
Prodigal Sons #6[3] Cullen Bunn Brian Hurtt Bill Crabtree

Plot synopsis[edit]

The story revolves around a cursed man named Eddie and his demonic curse—to return from the dead over and over again. The curse is always at the expense of whomever happens to touch Eddie while he's dead. The injuries that killed Eddie are transferred, and Eddie is resurrected while the person that touched him dies. The Damned is set in a prohibition era and involves demonic gang bosses and their families/gangs of demons. While there is a supernatural element to their crimes (such as trafficking souls), they are most commonly shown committing the usual crimes of prohibition-era gangsters.

Three Days Dead[edit]

The Aligheri and Roarke crime families are coming to a "mutually beneficial" agreement set to put an end to their territorial squabbles, but when a moderating demon is called in to make arrangements for the truce, someone kidnaps him. Eddie is hired by gang boss Alphonse Aligheri to find out what happened to the missing arbiter.

Collected editions[edit]

The first miniseries has been collected into a trade paperback twice, once in black and white in 2007, then later in color in 2017.

Volume Title Release Date Material collected Extras ISBN
1 Three Days Dead May, 2007 #1–5
  • #0 Three Days Earlier...
March 8, 2017 #1–5
  • Colored by Bill Crabtree

Both miniseries have been released in French by Akileos:



DreamWorks optioned The Damned for a film in 2008, to be written by David DiGilio.[4]

TV series[edit]

It was announced in August 2011 that Showtime had bought the rights to adapt the comic book into a television series, with David Hayter being brought in to write it.[5]


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