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Cullen Bunn
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Notable works
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe
The Damned
The Sixth Gun
Harrow County
Agent Venom

Cullen Bunn is an American comics writer, novelist, and short story writer,[1] best known for his work on comic books such as Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: Blue, Magneto and various Deadpool miniseries for Marvel Comics, and his creator-owned series The Damned and The Sixth Gun for Oni Press and Harrow County for Dark Horse Comics, as well as his middle reader horror novel Crooked Hills, and his short story work collection Creeping Stones & Other Stories.

As of 2018, Bunn writes X-Men: Blue and Venomized for Marvel, PumpkinHead for Dynamite, Subspecies for Action Lab, Shadow Roads for Oni Press, Regression for Image, Unholy Grail, Brothers Dracul and Dark Ark for Aftershock Comics, and Harrow County for Dark Horse.

Early life[edit]

Cullen Bunn grew up in rural North Carolina.[1] He lived there until he was 19, when his parents moved to Thayer, Missouri to run a cattle farm. After a couple years, his parents moved back to North Carolina, but Bunn remained in Missouri. He attended Missouri State University.[2]


Bunn's noir/horror comic, and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt, The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press. The sequel, The Damned: Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008. In 2010 Oni Press premiered Bunn's series, The Sixth Gun, which ran from May 2010 to June 2016.[citation needed]

In 2011, Oni Press published Bunn's original hardcover graphic novel, The Tooth. That same year, Earwig Press/Evileye Books published Bunn's middle-reader horror prose series Crooked Hills. He also was one of the writers in Marvel Comics' crossover storyline that year, "Fear Itself". He wrote the tie-in book Fear Itself: The Black Widow, which received mostly positive reviews,[3][4][5][6] and later wrote two issues of The Fearless, a spinoff published after the conclusion of "Fear Itself" that also received positive reviews.[7] In November of that year, Lion Forge Comics published Bunn's digital comic, Night Trap.[8]

In 2013 Bunn wrote Deadpool Kills Deadpool for Marvel, which received positive reviews.[9][10]

In December 2013, Marvel announced the then-new ongoing Magneto, a series following the solo adventures of Magneto and penned by Bunn, with art by Gabriel Hernández Walta.[11] The series debuted in March 2014 and ran for 21 issues, ending in August 2015.[12]

Bunn's Harrow County, an ongoing creator-owned horror series with art by Tyler Crook, published by Dark Horse Comics, was announced in San Diego Comic-Con 2014.[13] The first issue debuted in May 2015 and sold out a distributor level, with a second printing commissioned by Dark Horse.[14]

In September 2014, Bunn's six-issue limited series Wolf Moon, with art by Jeremy Haun and covers by Jae Lee, was announced as the newest miniseries from Vertigo.[15] The series, which sought to re-imagine the werewolf mythos, was released in December 2014.[16]

After Brian Wood, Bunn was announced as the new writer of Moon Knight for Marvel, teaming up with artist Ron Ackins for a five-issue run beginning with issue #13 in March 2015.[17][18]

A new creator-owned limited series from Bunn and Terrible Lizard artist Drew Moss, titled Blood Feud, was announced by Oni Press in March 2015, with the first issue debuting in October of that same year and the last issue being released in February 2016 .[19][20]

For the company-wide storyline "Divergence", which followed "Convergence", Bunn was announced as the writer of Aquaman, with art by Trevor McCarthy, and Green Lantern: The Lost Army, with art by Jesús Saiz, launching in June, as well as continuing his work on Lobo and Sinestro.[21][22] In September 2015, DC announced the cancellation of both Lobo, ending the series with issue 13, and Green Lantern: The Lost Army, after six issues.[23][24] Bunn left Aquaman after eight issues, citing negative fan reaction as the deciding factor.[25] He was replaced by writer Dan Abnett, who took over the series with issue 49 in February 2016.[26] Bunn announced on his Tumblr account that Sinestro would end after issue 23, and that he would not be writing for DC after the company's Rebirth event for the foreseeable future.[27][28]

In New York Comic-Con 2015, IDW Publishing announced Bunn along with artist David Baldeon as the creative team behind Micronauts, a new ongoing series launching in April 2016 that would follow the team from the classic Marvel series from the '80s.[29][30]

Marvel Comics announced Bunn as the writer of the new Uncanny X-Men series relaunching as part of their All-New All-Different publishing initiative, with art by Greg Land.[31] Along with wrestler CM Punk, Bunn is also the co-writer of Drax, with art by Scott Hepburn, also for Marvel.[32]

Harrow County, written by Bunn with art by Tyler Crook, was optioned by SyFy in December 2015 for development as a television series, with Becky Kirsch attached to write the adaptation.[33]

Dark Horse Comics announced Death Follows, a print collection of Bunn's and A. C. Zamudio's Monkey Brain limited series The Remains.[34] The collection, featuring the original short story written by Bunn that inspired the series, was published in May 2016.[35]

Bunn's and Vannesa R. Del Rey's limited series The Empty Man was optioned by 20th Century Fox in February 2016.[36] David Prior was attached to write and direct the film adaptation of the Boom! Studios comic.[37] It was released in 2020.

During the ComicsPRO 2016 annual meeting, Dark Horse Comics announced a new Conan comic book series titled Conan the Slayer, written by Bunn and illustrated by Sergio Dávila, launching in July 2016.[38][39]

Civil War 2: X-Men, a four-issue limited series written by Bunn that ties into the Marvel event Civil War 2, was announced during the In-Store Convention Kick-Off 2016. Featuring art by Andrea Broccardo, the series would pit the teams behind Uncanny X-Men and Extraordinary X-Men against each other after a mutant takes action against the Inhumans.[40][41]

In 2017 and 2018, Cullen published several books with Aftershock comics, including Unholy Grail with art by Mirko Colak.[42] Dark Ark, with art by Juan Doe [43] Brothers Dracul, teaming up again with Mirko Colak,[44] and Witch Hammer with art by Dalibor Talajic.[45]

Personal life[edit]

While in college Bunn had lived in the Springfield, Missouri area.[2] As of July 2015, he was living in Valley Park, Missouri.[46] By December 2018 he was described in an interview with 417 Magazine as having returned to live in Springfield.[2] He and his wife Cindy have a son, Jackson.[1]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2011 Ghastly Awards[47] Best Writer The Sixth Gun Nominated
Broken Frontier Awards[48] Best Writer – Independent The Sixth Gun Won
2012 Bram Stoker Award[49] Best Graphic Novel The Sixth Gun Volume 3 Nominated
Eisner Award[50] Best Writer The Sixth Gun Nominated
2014 GLADD Award[51] Outstanding Comic Book Fearless Defenders Nominated
2016 Ghastly Award[52] Best Writer Harrow County, The Sixth Gun, Blood Feud, Death Follows Won
Best Ongoing Title Harrow County Won
Bram Stoker Award[53] Best Graphic Novel Blood Feud Nominated
Eisner Award[54] Best New Series Harrow County Nominated


Oni Press[edit]

  • The Damned
    • The Damned (5-issue miniseries, with Brian Hurtt, October 2006–February 2007)
      • Three Days Dead (collects #1–5, TPB, 160 pages, 2007, ISBN 9781932664638)
      • Three Days Dead (color edition, collects #1–5, TPB, 152 pages, 2017 ISBN 9781620103852)
    • The Damned: Prodigal Sons (3-issue miniseries, with Brian Hurtt, April 2008–August 2008)
    • The Damned (ongoing series, with Brian Hurtt, May 2017–present)
  • The Sixth Gun
    • The Sixth Gun #1–50 (May 2010–June 2016)
      • Cold Dead Fingers (TPB, 160 pages, 2011, ISBN 9781934964606) collects:
        • "Cold Dead Fingers" (with Brian Hurtt, in #1–6, 2010)
      • Crossroads (TPB, 160 pages, 2011, ISBN 9781934964675) collects:
        • "Crossroads" (with Brian Hurtt, in #7–11, 2010–2011)
      • Bound (TPB, 120 pages, 2012, ISBN 9781934964781) collects:
        • "Bound" (with Brian Hurt and Tyler Crook, in #12–17, 2011)
      • A Town Called Penance (TPB, 120 pages, 2012, ISBN 9781934964958) collects:
        • "A Town Called Penance" (with Brian Hurt and Tyler Crook, in #18–23, 2012)
      • Winter Wolves (TPB, 160 pages, 2013, ISBN 9781620100776) collects:
        • "Winter Wolves" (with Brian Hurtt, in #24–29, 2012–2013)
      • Ghost Dance (TPB, 140 pages, 2014, ISBN 9781620100165) collects:
        • "Ghost Dance" (with Brian Hurtt, in #30–35, 2013)
      • Not the Bullet, But the Fall (TPB, 160 pages, 2014, ISBN 9781620101414) collects:
        • "Not the Bullet, But the Fall" (with Brian Hurtt, in #37–40, 2013–2014)
        • "The Grey Witch" (with Tyler Crook, in #41, 2014)
      • Hell and High Water (TPB, 160 pages, 2015, ISBN 9781620102466) collects:
        • "Hell and High Water" (with Brian Hurtt, in #42–47, 2014–2015)
      • Boot Hill (TPB, 128 pages, 2016, ISBN 9781620102992) collects:
        • "Boot Hill" (with Brian Hurtt, in #48-50, 2016)
    • The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun (TPB, 136 pages, 2013, ISBN 9781620100998)
      • The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun (5-issue miniseries with Brian Hurtt and Brian Churilla, February–July 2013)
    • The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead (TPB, 136 pages, 2015, ISBN 9781620102381)
      • The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead (5-issue miniseries with Brian Hurtt and Mike Norton, August 2014–February 2015)
    • The Sixth Gun: Dust to Death (TPB, 184 pages, 2015, ISBN 9781620102688)
  • The Tooth (graphic novel, with Shawn Lee and Matt Kindt, hc, 200 pages, June, 2011, ISBN 1-93496-452-2)
  • Helheim (March 2013–June 2015)
  • Terrible Lizard (5-issue miniseries with Drew Moss, November 2014–March 2015, collected in Terrible Lizard, TPB, 136 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-62010-236-6)
  • Hellbreak #1–11 (with Brian Churilla, March 2015–March 2016)
  • Blood Feud (5-issue miniseries with Drew Moss, October 2015–February 2016, collected in Blood Feud, TPB, 144 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-62010-317-6)
  • Shadow Roads (ongoing series, with Brian Hurtt and A.C. Zamudio, May 2018 – September 2020)

Marvel Comics[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

  • Superman/Batman #81-84 (April 2011–July 2011)
  • Sinestro #1-23 (June 2014–May 2016)
    • Volume 1: The Demon Within (TPB, 168 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-4012-5050-5) collects:
      • "Sinestro" (written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Dale Eaglesham, in Green Lantern vol. 5 #23.4, 2013)
      • "Blackest Day, Brightest Night" (with Dale Eaglesham, in #1, 2014)
      • "Necropolis" (with Dale Eaglesham, in #2, 2014)
      • "Heresy of Fear" (with Dale Eaglesham and Rags Morales, in #3, 2014)
      • "Inquisition" (with Rags Morales, in #4, 2014)
      • "The Demon Within" (with Dale Eaglesham, in #5, 2014)
      • "The Night, Both Fearful and Dark" (with Igor Lima, in Sinestro: Futures End #1, 2014)
    • Volume 2: Sacrifice (TPB, 192 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-40125-486-1) collects:
      • "Godhead, Act I, Part VI: Sacrifice" (with Dale Eaglesham and Martin Coccolo, in #6, 2014)
      • "Godhead Act II, Part V: Battle Plans" (with Ethan Van Sciver, in #7, 2014)
      • "Godhead Act III, Part V: War Council" (with Martin Coccolo, in #8, 2014)
      • "Limits of War" (with Brad Walker, in #9, 2015)
      • "Prisoners of Warworld" (with Brad Walker, in #10, 2015)
      • "Spoils of War" (with Brad Walker and Geraldo Borges, in #11, 2015)
      • "Sinestro's House of Mystery" (with among other artists, in Annual #1, 2015)
    • Volume 3: Rising (TPB, 200 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6158-2) collects:
      • "Daddy Issues" (with Brad Walker, in #12, 2015)
      • "New Orders" (with Brad Walker, in #13, 2015)
      • "Indoctrination" (with Robson Rocha, in #14, 2015)
      • "On the Hunt" (with Ethan Van Sciver, in #15, 2015)
    • Volume 4: The Fall of Sinestro (TPB, 192 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6465-4)
      • "Meeting of Kings" (with Brad Walker and Ethan Van Sciver, in #16, 2015)
      • "The Pale Legion" (with Brad Walker, Neil Edwards and Szymon Kudranski, in #17, 2015)
      • "Drafted" (with Brad Walker and Neil Edwards, in #18, 2015)
      • "War" (with Brad Walker and Neil Edwards, in #19, 2016)
      • "The Fall" (with Brad Walker, in #20, 2016)
      • "Turning Yellow" (with Martin Coccolo, in #21, 2016)
      • "Bloodred" (with Martin Coccolo, in #22, 2016)
      • "Reconstruction" (with Marin Coccolo, Oscar Bazaldua and Scot Eaton, in #23, 2016)
  • Secret Origins vol. 3 #6, "Building Blocks" (with Igor Lima, October 2014)
  • New Gods: Godhead #1, "Godhead Act I, Part I: Genesis" (with among other artists, October 2014)
  • Lobo vol. 3 #1–13 (October 2014–December 2015)
    • Volume 1: Targets (TPB, 144 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-4012-5483-7) collects:
      • "Targets" (with Reilly Brown, in #1, 2014)
      • "Partners" (with Reilly Brown and Alisson Borges, in #2–3, 2014)
      • "...and Then Superman" (with Reilly Brown and Alisson Borges, in #4, 2015)
      • "Myths & Legends" (with Reilly Brown, Alisson Borges and Cliff Richards, in #5, 2015)
      • "First Kill, Final Kill" (with Cliff Richards, in #6, 2015)
    • Volume 2: Beware His Might (TPB, 128 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6150-7) collects:
      • "Whip" (with Cliff Richards, in #7, 2015)
      • "Surrounded" (with Cliff Richards, in #8, 2015)
      • "Skin Deep" (with Szymon Kudranski, in #9, 2015)
      • "Beware His Might" (with Robson Rocha, in Annual #1, 2015)
    • Volume 3: Paid in Blood (TPB, 96 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6969-9) collects:
      • "Reds" (with Frank Barbiere and Robson Rocha, in #10, 2015)
      • "Paid in Blood" (with Frank Barbiere and Robson Rocha, in #11, 2015)
      • "Overdose" (with Frank Barbiere and Robson Rocha, in #12, 2015)
      • "End of the Line" (with Frank Barbiere, Robson Rocha and Ethan Van Sciver, in #13, 2015)
  • Earth 2: World's End (February–April 2015)
    • Volume 2 (TPB, 336 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-4012-5844-1) collects:
      • "Run" (with among other artists, in #18, 2015)
      • "The Last Gasp" (with among other artists, in #19, 2015)
      • "Survival" (with among other artists, in #20, 2015)
      • "Last Hope" (with among other artists, in #21, 2015)
      • "God Flesh" (with among other artists, in #22, 2015)
      • "Breaking Through" (with among other artists, in #23, 2015)
      • "Hope" (with among other artists, in #24, 2015)
      • "Grounded" (with among other artists, in #25, 2015)
      • "End Times" (with among other artists, in #26, 2015)
  • Convergence: Action Comics #2, "Divergence: Sinestro" (with Brad Walker, May 2015)
  • Convergence: Green Arrow #2, "Divergence: Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army" (with Jesús Saiz, May 2015)
  • Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #2, "Divergence: Lobo" (with Cliff Richards, May 2015)
  • Convergence: Suicide Squad #2, "Divergence: Aquaman" (with Trevor McCarthy, May 2015)
  • Aquaman vol. 7 #41–48 (June 2015–January 2016)
    • Volumen 7: Exiled (hc, 200 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6098-5) collects:
      • "Terra Incognita" (with Trevor McCarthy, in #41, 2015)
      • "The Other Atlantis" (with Trevor McCarthy, in #42, 2015)
      • "Gospel of Destruction" (with Trevor McCarthy and Jesús Merino, in #43, 2015)
      • "Siren's Call" (with Alec Morgan, in #44, 2015)
      • "Alien Discovery" (with Trevor McCarthy, in #45, 2015)
      • "Amazon in the Amazon" (with Vicente Cifuentes, in #46, 2015)
      • "Leagues Below, A League Above" (with Vicente Cifuentes, in #47, 2015)
      • "Return of the King" (with Vicente Cifuentes, in #48, 2016)
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1–6 (June–November 2015)
    • Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army (TPB, 152 pages, 2016, ISBN 1-4012-6126-4) collects:
      • "Green Lantern: The Lost Army" (with Jesús Saiz, in #1–2, 2015)
      • "Cutoff" (with Jesús Saiz, in #3, 2015)
      • "Jail Break" (with Javier Pina, in #4, 2015)
      • "Untitled" (with Jesús Saiz, in #5, 2015)
      • "Spectrum" (with Jesús Saiz, in #6, 2015)
  • Trinity vol. 2 #7-8 (with Miguel Mendonça, Clay Mann, and Emanuela Lupacchino, March–April 2017) collected in Volume 2:Dead Space (hc, 128 pages, 2017, ISBN 1-40127-467-6

Dynamite Entertainment[edit]

IDW Publishing[edit]

Dark Horse Comics[edit]

Image Comics[edit]

  • Regression #1–15 (with Danny Luckert, May 2017 – January 2019)
  • Cold Spots #1–5 (with Mark Torres, August–December 2018)
  • Unearth #1–10 (with Kyle Strahm and Baldemar Rivas, June 2019 – March 2021)

Other publishers[edit]


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