The Early Years (Dannii Minogue album)

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The Early Years
Dannii minogue the early years.jpg
Compilation album by Dannii Minogue
Released 15 December 2008
Recorded 1990-1994
Genre Dance, pop
Length 71:20
Label Spectrum Music
Dannii Minogue chronology
Club Disco
The Early Years
The 1995 Sessions

The Early Years is a compilation album by Australian dance-pop singer Dannii Minogue. It features a selection of released and unreleased material taken from Minogue's first two albums, Love and Kisses and Get into You.

Album History[edit]

Originally, this compilation was meant to include material recorded from 1990-1995 — spanning singles, remixes and album tracks from Love and Kisses, Get into You and Minogue's then unreleased 1995 album.

As the project went along, Minogue's team started working on standalone deluxe editions of her first two albums and a complete release of her shelved third album (which came out in 2009 as The 1995 Sessions).

Following this project decision, the album track listing was altered in order to include material taken only from her first two albums and unreleased remixes and edits not featured on the deluxe editions.

The first ten tracks of the album were released on the UK iTunes on 15 December 2008. The entire compilation was made available on 5 January 2009.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Note Length
1. "Love and Kisses" (Dancin Danny D 7")   3:43
2. "Success" (Bruce Forest 7")   3:47
3. "Attitude"   5:12
4. "Jump to the Beat" (L.A. Master Remix) Previously unreleased 4:35
5. "Baby Love" (Silky 70's Edit) Previously unreleased 3:05
6. "I Don't Wanna Take This Pain" (L.A. 7" Edit)   3:29
7. "True Lovers"   4:37
8. "Show You the Way to Go"   4:27
9. "Love's on Every Corner" (Alternative 7" Edit) Previously unreleased 3:44
10. "Be Careful" (7" Edit) Previously unreleased 3:42
11. "Lucky Tonight" (Original Version) Previously unreleased 4:37
12. "This Is It"   3:40
13. "This Is The Way" (Master Guitar Mix) Previously unreleased 4:39
14. "Get into You" (Original 7" Radio Edit)   3:46
15. "Kiss and Make Up" (Original Version) Previously unreleased 4:28
16. "Until We Meet Again"   4:26
17. "I Wish You'd Stop Wishing" (Original Version) Previously unreleased 5:20
18. "Baby Love" (E-Smoove 7") Previously released only on vinyl 4:28
19. "Success" (E-Smoove 7") Previously released only in United States 2:50
20. "This Is It" (Murk 7" Mix) Previously released only in France 3:58


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