The Goaldiggers Song

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"The Goaldiggers Song"
Single by Elton John
Released April, 1977
Genre Charity
Length 2:30
Writer(s) Elton John
Elton John singles chronology
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"The Goaldiggers Song"

"The Goaldiggers Song" is a charity single by Elton John, released in 1977. The song is written for the Goaldigger's charity to provide playing fields in under-privileged areas. At the time in 1977, Elton John was living reclused in London; the only time he would go out was to go see his football team Watford F.C. play. The single never charted anywhere, as it was a limited charity release-only 500 copies were pressed, approximately half of which were signed by Elton. It was available for a cost of five UK pounds by mail-order only and featured Elton and a number of other British celebrities including Jimmy Hill and Eric Morecombe in conversation on the B-side. The tapes were destroyed after the pressing, so no other official copies of the recording exist.

The song is written, composed and performed solely by Elton John, although the actual disc does not contain writing or production credits. Since the release of the single, it hasn't appeared on any album.