The Green Man (film)

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The Green Man
The greenman movieposter.jpg
Movie poster
Directed by Robert Day
Basil Dearden
Written by Frank Launder
Sidney Gilliat
Starring Alastair Sim
George Cole
Jill Adams
Music by Cedric Thorpe Davie
Cinematography Gerald Gibbs
Release date
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Green Man is a 1956 British black comedy film based on the play Meet a Body by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, who produced and adapted the big-screen version.


Freelance assassin Hawkins (Sim) is contracted to blow up Sir Gregory Upshott, a Cabinet minister (Huntley), and to that end he feigns courtship of Upshott's secretary, Marigold (Angers). He decides to do the deed at the Green Man Hotel, where Upshott will be spending an illicit weekend. However, Hawkins' plan is accidentally uncovered by vacuum cleaner salesman Blake (Cole) who forges an unlikely alliance with Ann (Adams) who is engaged to a rather stuffy BBC announcer, Willoughby-Cruft (Gordon). That relationship breaks down when Willoughby-Cruft finds his fiancée under their bed with Blake and later, in her lingerie, accidentally entangled on the floor with him. There are some romantic, and some not-at-all romantic, interludes as Hawkins tries to deliver his bomb.



Cole's then wife, Eileen Moore, appeared in the film as the typist with whom Upshott has a liaison.

The film, rated U, has been re-released on Region 2 DVD with School for Scoundrels.


The film was produced some 13 years prior to a Kingsley Amis novel The Green Man. There are no connections between the two.

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