The Money List

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The Money List
Created by Jim Cannon
Andy Culpin
Sam Pollard
David Young
Directed by Paul Kirrage
Presented by Fred Roggin
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Executive producer(s) David Young
Michael Mannes
Andy Culpin
Running time 60 min. with commercials
Original network GSN
Original release June 13 – August 15, 2009
Preceded by The Rich List

The Money List is a revival of the American version of The Rich List, which lasted just one episode in its original American run. The game show premiered on June 13, 2009 on GSN with Fred Roggin serving as host. It is produced by 12 Yard.

Pilot episodes were taped in London between August 27 and 30, 2008 on the set of the British version, Who Dares Wins. The rules and format are the same as the show which aired on Fox, but the top prize is $50,000, the same top prize amount used in the New Zealand and British versions.

The Money List is the first GSN original in the network's 15-year history to feature returning champions.


Two teams of strangers are paired up. Both teams sit in soundproof pods. When the pods are blue, they can hear what is happening outside; when it is red, they cannot.

The list subject is read out, and the host turns one pod red. The other team then makes a bid on how many right answers they can give. Their pod then turns red, and their opponents can either increase the bid or dare them to play. This process continues until one team is dared.

If the bidders make their bid, they win the list. If they make a mistake, then their opponents win the list. The first team to win two lists plays for the money.

If both teams win a list, a penalty shootout-style tiebreaker is played. The sound remains on in both pods, and the host reads out the subject for the round. The first team gives an answer, and if it is on the list, the opponents must give a correct answer or lose the game. If the first team gives a wrong answer, their opponents can win with a correct response.

Money List[edit]

The winning team is given another list subject. The money that can be won is as follows:

Right Answers Winnings
3 $5,000
6 $10,000
9 $15,000
12 $25,000
15 $50,000
Contestant Mike Wendling names U.S. presidents in the second episode of the season.
Contestant Mike Wendling names U.S. presidents in the second episode of the season.

At each level, the contestants may quit with the money they have accumulated; making a mistake at any point ends the game and nullifies any winnings from it. If a team quits or successfully gives all 15 answers, the money they have achieved is banked and can no longer be lost. There is no limit to the amount of money a team can accumulate or the amount of games they can play, as long as they continue to win front games.

Contestants and their winnings[edit]

Number Contestants Appearance Total winnings No. of Money Lists played
1 Harriett Davies & Scott Seidler June 13, 2009 $5,000 2
2 Charysse Harper & Mike Wendling June 20, 2009 $25,000 2
3 Darren Heyman & Barbara Stcherbatchef June 27, 2009 $10,000 1
4 Shannon Darshati & Young Dawkins June 27, 2009 $10,000 1
5 Robert Checkoway & Anastasia Travers July 11, 2009 $55,000 3
6 Megan Neidermeyer & Brad Serton July 18, 2009 $25,000 3
7 Bentley Kalli & Lisa Vickers August 1, 2009 $15,000 1
8 Courtney Welch & Alisha Zucker August 1, 2009 $0 1
9 Christopher Slaughter & Autumn Jenkins August 8, 2009 $0 1
10 Karen Steinbach & David Vest August 15, 2009 $10,000 3

Past lists[edit]

Episode # Air Date Lists
1 June 13, 2009

Julia Roberts movies

Countries of Asia

Scrabble letters worth more than one point Sudden Death

Dr. Seuss books The Money List

America's Top 50 Restaurant Chains

Celebrity guest stars who appeared as themselves on the TV series Will & Grace

The Beatles Billboard US Top 40 Hits The Money List

2 June 20, 2009

Elvis Presley Billboard US Top 40 Hits

Hotels with casinos on the Las Vegas strip

Looney Tunes Looney Stars Sudden Death

Presidents of the United States before 1900 The Money List

Adam Sandler movies

The 100 Most Populated Cities in the World

Countries that have held the Miss Universe title 1952–2008 Sudden Death

Winners of the Tony Award for Best Musical 1949–2008 The Money List

3 June 27, 2009

Oscar-winning actresses 1927–2008

Properties for sale on a Monopoly board

Men who have walked on the moon Sudden Death

The Characters & Family on the TV series Friends The Money List

Elton John Billboard US Top 40 Hits

Host Cities of the Summer Olympics 1896–2008

Dustin Hoffman movies The Money List

4 July 11, 2009

Meryl Streep movies

Named characters from the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Mariah Carey Billboard US Top 40 Hits Sudden Death

European Capital Cities The Money List

The 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time

Female Grand Slam Tennis Champions 1968–2008

Songs from the original film soundtrack of Grease The Money List

5 July 18, 2009

Saturday Night Live male cast members

Michael Jackson Billboard US Top 40 Hits

Characters that were voiced in The Simpsons Movie Sudden Death

Countries that have a star on their national flag The Money List

Oscar-winning actors 1927–2008

Top 50 Girls' Names in the U.S. in 2007

Top 10 Largest Lakes in the World Sudden Death

Characters, Weapons & Locations in the game Clue The Money List

6 July 25, 2009

John Travolta movies

Countries that use Spanish as an official language

US Vice Presidents The Money List

Madonna Billboard US Top 40 Hits

Golfers who have won a major title 1960–2008

Top 10 Top-earning deceased celebrities Sudden Death

Primetime Emmy Award-Winning TV Comedy Series 1966–2007 The Money List

7 August 1, 2009

Bruce Willis movies

The 30 Most Populous Cities in the U.S.

The Top 25 Wine-Producing Countries in the World The Money List

The 101 Top-Selling Musical Artists of All Time in the USA

The Plays of William Shakespeare

Portraits on Current U.S. Legal Tender Sudden Death

Films Directed by Steven Spielberg The Money List

8 August 8, 2009

Eddie Murphy movies

Winners of the NFL Super Bowl 1967–2008

The 50 Highest-paid Celebrities in the world The Money List

Currencies of the World

Characters, Creatures & Droids from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

The 20 Most Common Surnames in the U.S. Sudden Death

Best Female Country Vocal Performance Grammy winners 1964–2008 The Money List

9 August 15, 2009

Whitney Houston's Billboard US Top 40 Hits including Collaborations

Commercial Airlines that fly in and out of Chicago O'Hare Airport

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year 1927–2007 The Money List

American Idol Finalists 2002–2008

States of the USA with an Ocean Coastline

Musicals Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber Sudden Death

Will Smith movies The Money List

Notes: Gary McCullers & Debbie Bernfeld became the first Money List team to give out an entire list, where they correctly answered all the US states with an Ocean Coastline, which there are 23.