The Mystery of Time

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The Mystery of Time
Studio album by
Released26 April 2013
RecordedJune 2012 - January 2013
GenrePower metal, hard rock, symphonic metal
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerSascha Paeth and Tobias Sammet
Avantasia chronology
The Wicked Symphony/Angel of Babylon
The Mystery of Time
Professional ratings
Review scores
Metal Blast [1]
Time For Metal - Magazin [2]
Metal Traveller [3]

The Mystery of Time is the sixth full-length album by German Tobias Sammet's rock opera project Avantasia. The album was released on 26 April 2013.[4] This is the first Avantasia release to feature the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg (the same orchestra that performed on Edguy's album Hellfire Club). The cover artwork was painted by Rodney Matthews.[5][6]

The Mystery Of Time scored high positions in several international music charts and even enabled Avantasia to enter the US Billboard charts for the first time.[7]

When asked to compare the album to Avantasia's previous efforts, guitarist and producer Sascha Paeth described it as follows:[8]

It is a more 'fantastic' production, based a little bit more on orchestra work and keyboards. It's more like a film score, to underline the whole story, the rock opera aspect, which was a choice on this one and I think it works out fine. Also, this gives the album a face of its own.

Track listing[edit]

Limited editions of the album include a second CD with instrumental versions of all the tracks on the album, with the exception of the two limited edition bonus tracks.

All tracks are written by Tobias Sammet.

No.TitleGuest VocalistLength
1."Spectres"Joe Lynn Turner6:09
2."The Watchmakers' Dream"Turner4:14
3."Black Orchid"Biff Byford6:52
4."Where Clock Hands Freeze"Michael Kiske4:35
5."Sleepwalking"Cloudy Yang3:52
6."Savior in the Clockwork"Turner, Byford, Kiske10:40
7."Invoke the Machine"Ronnie Atkins5:30
8."What's Left of Me"Eric Martin5:07
9."Dweller in a Dream"Kiske4:45
10."The Great Mystery"Bob Catley, Turner, Byford10:03
Total length:62:00
Limited & Japanese edition bonus tracks
11."The Cross and You"4:14
12."Death Is Just a Feeling (Alternative Version/Tobias Sammet)"5:24


The album booklet describes the story "So take the time to follow me into a small old English town during the Victorian era and join a young agnostic scientist by the name Aaron Blackwell as he is forced to explore the coherencies of time, God and science; torn between belief in his professional conviction, his spiritual intuition, love and a lodge of scientific occultists."[9]


Special guests[edit]





Chart Number
German Albums Chart 2
Swiss Albums Chart 5
England Rock Albums Chart 6
Finnish Albums Chart 9
Swedish Albums Chart 9
North America Billboard Chart 9
Austrian Albums Chart 11
Czech Albums Chart 12
Hungary Albums Chart[13] 15
Japanese Albums Chart 17
Norwegian Albums Chart 19
Spanish Albums Chart[14] 29
French Albums Chart 61
Belgian Ultratop (Wallonia) 70
Dutch Albums Chart 85
Belgian Ultratop (Flanders) 97


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