The Phantom of the Air

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The Phantom of the Air
The Phantom of the Air FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Ray Taylor
Produced by Henry MacRae
Written by Basil Dickey
Ella O'Neill
George H. Plympton
Starring Tom Tyler
Gloria Shea
LeRoy Mason
Craig Reynolds
William Desmond
Cinematography John Hickson
Edited by Alvin Todd
Edward Todd
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • 1933 (1933)
Running time
12 chapters (240 minutes)
Country United States
Language English

The Phantom of the Air is a 12-episode 1933 Pre-Code Universal movie serial directed by Ray Taylor.[1] The film stars Tom Tyler, Gloria Shea, LeRoy Mason, Craig Reynolds and William Desmond.[2]


Scientist Thomas Edmunds (William Desmond) invents an anti-gravity device called the "Contragrav," which is sought after by a gang of smugglers led by Mort Crome (LeRoy Mason).

Crome wants the invention but pilot Bob Raymond (Tom Tyler) comes to the inventor's aid, using another of Edwards' inventions, the superplane, "The Phantom." Able to control the aircraft from an underground headquarters, Bob foils Crome's plans. A last attempt to get at the inventor's work leads to an explosion at his workshop that kills the criminals. Edmunds escapes and is reunited with his daughter (Gloria Shea) and Bob.

Chapter titles[edit]

  1. The Great Air Meet
  2. The Secret of the Desert
  3. The Avenging Phantom
  4. The Battle in the Clouds
  5. Terror of the Heights
  6. A Wild Ride
  7. The Jaws of Death
  8. Aflame in the Sky
  9. The Attack
  10. The Runaway Plane
  11. In the Enemy's Hands
  12. Safe Landing





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