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Leader Paul Barras
Founded July 27, 1794 (1794-07-27)
Dissolved November 10, 1799 (1799-11-10)
Split from The Mountain
Headquarters Hôtel de Noailles, Paris
Ideology Republicanism
Social conservatism
Political position Centre

The Thermidorians (French: Thermidoriens, named after the month of Thermidor), known also a Thermidorian Convention (French: Convention thermidorienne), was a French political group active during the French Revolution.


The group was named for the Thermidorian Reaction in 1794, when its members, led by Paul Barras, Jean-Lambert Tallien and Joseph Fouché, formed a coup d'état against Robespierre and Saint-Just, who were executed with their supporters on 27 July 1794. The deputies that supported the Reaction were:

Over the following days the Thermidorians took over the majority in the National Convention, and in the 1795 a new constitution was created, with the National Convention disestablished for the creation of the French Directory. The Thermidorians became a republican and bourgeoisie group, and like the new constitution, also conservative on social themes and liberal on economic themes.

After the election of 1795, the Thermidorians obtained the majority in the Council of Five Hundred, the new lower house. In Paris, the group created a headquarters in the Hôtel de Noailles, and Paul Barras became its leader, but also the ruler of the France until 1799, when the coup of 18 Brumaire by Napoleon Bonaparte removed the Barras' Directory to be replaced with a Consulate, with Napoleon as First Consul. After the Coup, the various parliamentary forces, including the Thermidorians, were disestablished.

Electoral results[edit]

Council of Five Hundred
Election year # of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
+/– Leader
1795 unknown (#1) unknown
242 / 500
Paul Barras
1798 unknown (#2) unknown
150 / 500
Decrease 92
Paul Barras

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