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Avalanche Press's Third Reich/Great Pacific War series is a strategic level board wargame of World War II. The series consists of two boxed games (Third Reich and The Great Pacific War), one supplement (Third Reich/Great Pacific War Player's Guide), and an enlarged map, with one more future supplement (Rumors of War).

Boxed Games[edit]

Third Reich[edit]

Avalanche Press' version of Third Reich (full name Third Reich), released in 2001, is an updated version of the original game from 1974. The game covers the war in Europe and North Africa and features 840 ½-inch counters.

The Great Pacific War[edit]

The Great Pacific War is the 2003 sequel to Third Reich and covers the Pacific theater of World War II. The game consists of three maps and 560 ½-inch counters.


Player's Guide[edit]

The Third Reich/Great Pacific War Player's Guide adds 120 new playing pieces with new scenarios, variant rules, and hints.

Deluxe Map[edit]

The Third Reich Deluxe Map is a double sized version of the original Third Reich map. It was produced through the Classic Wargames program and also features corrections to minor errors.

Rumors of War[edit]

Rumors of War is a new book supplement containing 80 new counters, a new eastern map extension to the Third Reich map, scenarios, strategy and variants. Rumors of War was first mentioned in the August 2007 Gold Club Insider.

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