Thorns vs. Emperor

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Thorns vs. Emperor
Thorns vs. Emperor.jpg
Studio album by Thorns and Emperor
Released 1999
Recorded 1998
Genre Black metal
Length 48:48
Label Moonfog Productions
Producer Snorre W. Ruch,
Satyr Wongraven, Emperor and
Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen
Thorns chronology
Thorns vs. Emperor
Emperor chronology
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Thorns vs. Emperor
IX Equilibrium

Thorns vs. Emperor is a split album by the Norwegian black metal bands Thorns and Emperor. The album features a mixture of covers and originals, as well as re-recorded versions of older tracks.

It features the first recorded material from Thorns since the 1992 Trøndertun demo. Satyr of Satyricon provides vocals on all Thorns tracks.

Early pressings of Thorns vs. Emperor came with a bonus disc featuring both the Grymyrk and Trøndertun demos in full.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Emperor: "Exördium" - 3:00
  2. Thorns: "Ærie Descent" – 8:34
  3. Emperor: "I Am" - 5:05
  4. Emperor: "Ærie Descent" – 6:06
  5. Emperor: "Thus March The Nightspirit" - 5:40
  6. Thorns: "Melas Khole" - 6:31
  7. Thorns: "The Discipline Of Earth" - 7:40
  8. Thorns: "Cosmic Keys" - 6:12


  • "Ærie Descent" originally appeared on Thorns' 1991 demo Grymyrk.
  • "I Am" features elements of the Thorns track "Fall", from the Grymyrk demo.
  • "Thus March The Nightspirit" is a synthesized orchestral re-working of the Emperor track "Thus Spake The Nightspirit" from their 1997 album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk.
  • "Melas Khole" is a re-working of the Thorns track "Funeral Marches to the Grave" from the Trøndertun demo.
  • "Cosmic Keys" is a cover of the Emperor track "Cosmic Keys to My Creation and Times", originally on the Emperor mini-album and later re-recorded for In the Nightside Eclipse.



  • All vocals for Thorns performed by Satyr.
  • Engineered by S.W. Krupp and Claus Erikson.
  • Produced by Thorns and Satyr Wongraven.
  • Recorded with Cubase, mixed at Fagerborg Studio.


  • Ærie Descent was recorded and mixed at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio the spring/summer 1998.
  • Engineered by Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen & The Emperors.
  • "Exördium", "I Am" and "Thus March The Nightspirit" was recorded and mixed at Symphonique during the spring/summer 1998. Engineered by Ihsahn. Produced by The Emperors.
  • The organ used on Emperor's performance of "Ærie Descent" is a Chicago Cottage reed organ from 1829 CE.

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