Throw It In

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Throw It In
Throw It In.jpg
Compilation album by No Fun at All
Released 1997
Genre Punk rock
No Fun at All chronology
State of Flow
(2000)State of Flow2000
Throw It In
Master Celebrations
(2002)Master Celebrations2002

Throw It In is a compilation by punk band No Fun at All. It was released in Australia only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Welcome to the Working Week
  2. Throw It In
  3. Shot by Both Sides
  4. Where Eagles Dare
  5. Stranded
  6. Don't Know Nothing
  7. Wasted
  8. Wiser
  9. In-Sight
  10. Where's the Truth?
  11. Vision
  12. It's All Up to You
  13. I Won't Believe in You
  14. Funny?
  15. Suffer Inside
  16. Sidewalk
  17. I Won't Come Back
  18. What You Say
  • Tracks 1-4 from "And Now for Something Completely Different EP", released in 1997.
  • Tracks 5-9 from "Stranded EP", released in 1995.
  • Tracks 10-18 from "Vision EP", released in 1993.